University of California, Santa Cruz SCIPP Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics

Selected Publications

Holographic Theories of Inflation and Fluctuations
By Tom Banks and Willy Fischler
[arXiv:1111.4948v2] RUNHETC-2011-22; SCIPP-11-08; UTTG-26-11;

Holographic Space-Time: The Takeaway
By Tom Banks.
[arXiv:1109.2435] (September 2011) 19p.

Holographic space-time and its phenomenological implications
By Tom Banks.
[arXiv:1004.2736v1] Int.J.Mod.Phys.A25:4875-4887, 2010 (April 2010) 15p.

Direct Detection of Dark Matter Electromagnetic Dipole Moments.
By Tom Banks, Jean-Francois Fortin, Scott Thomas.
[arXiv:1007.5515] RUNHETC-2010-19 (Jul 2010) 15p.

Pedagogical notes on black holes, de Sitter space, and bifurcated horizons.
By Tom Banks.
[arXiv:1007.4003] RUNHETC-2010-17 (Jul 2010) 13p.

TASI Lectures on Holographic Space-Time, SUSY and Gravitational Effective Field Theory.
By Tom Banks.
[arXiv:1007.4001] RUNHETC-2010-16 (Jul 2010) 58p.

Deriving particle physics from quantum gravity: A Plan.
By Tom Banks.
[arXiv:0909.3223] SCIPP-2009-14 (Sep 2009) 34p.

A Pyramid Scheme for Particle Physics.
By Tom Banks & Jean-Francois Fortin.
JHEP 0907:046,2009,. [arXiv:0901.3578]

Embedding the Pentagon.
By T. Banks, S. Echols and J. L. Jones
JHEP 0710, 105 (2007) [arXiv:0708.0022 [hep-th]

Entropy and initial conditions in cosmology.
By T. Banks
[arXiv:hep-th/0701146 ]

Massive IIA flux compactifications and U-dualities.
By T. Banks and K. van den Broek
JHEP 0703, 068 (2007) [arXiv:hep-th/0611185]

Towards a quantum theory of de Sitter space.
T. Banks, B. Fiol and A. Morisse
JHEP 0612, 004 (2006) [arXiv:hep-th/0609062]

Space-like singularities and thermalization.
T. Banks and W. Fischler
[arXiv:hep-th/0606260] SCIPP-06-05(2006)

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