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Installing the ATLAS calorimeter. The eight torodial magnets can be seen on the huge ATLAS detector with the calorimeter before it is moved into the middle of the detector. This calorimeter will measure the energies of particles produced when protons collide in the centre of the detector. ATLAS will work along side the CMS experiment to search for new physics at the 14 TeV level. November 2005

Proximity to Silicon Valley is a significant asset to the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics faculty and students.  The San Jose and Palo Alto areas are home to the Lick Observatory and the Stanford Linear Accelerator, which is one of the two primary particle physics laboratories in the United States.  The city of Santa Cruz also offers spectacular recreational opportunities, including miles of exceptional bike paths and mountain bike trails, hiking and backpacking, great beaches, and a magnificent coastline providing sailing and surfing for all kind.



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