Team Re-Entry Softball Box Scores for Spring 2008

Game #1: Re-Entry vs. Little Lebowski Achievers

Re-Entry 4951004x32
Little Lebowski Achievers 006015x12

In the season's opener, the Re-Entry bats were on fire. Seven homeruns, two triples, and a barrage of singles and doubles resulted in an easy 32--12 victory (with the game being called after six innings of play due to darkness). The defense was sharp for most of the game (with two double plays and three scoreless innings for our opponents), although some sloppy play in the field in the third and sixth innings allowed our opponents to reach double digits in scoring. All in all, it was a solid outing by all the Re-Entry players, as we embarked on the defense of our fall coed softball championship.

Game #2: Re-Entry vs. Banana Stickers

Banana Stickers 01004005
Re-Entry 10610050x31

For the second straight game, Re-Entry scored over thirty runs, With two ten-run rule innings in the first and third inning, Re-Entry coasted to an easy 31--5 victory over the Banana Stickers. Facing a three-person outfield, the Re-Entry heavy hitters took full advantage, with home runs too numerous to count. We had good hitting from the entire lineup, and the defense was sharp in all but one inning. A double play ended three separate innings, with the last one providing the final outs of the game.

Game #3: Re-Entry vs. Cowell Corrupters

Cowell Currupters 202321212
Re-Entry 20030117

The Re-Entry nine game winning streak came to an end with a 12--7 loss to the the Cowell Corrupters. Ironically, the last Re-Entry loss took place on May 21, 2007, in a game against the same team!. The latter 15--8 loss (which decided the division championship last spring) ended the Re-Entry season. In this year's game, Re-Entry held the Cowell Corrupters relatively in check, not allowing any big innings. However, the Re-Entry bats were somewhat quiet (no doubt in part to the superb fielding of our opponents), and the end result was the same.

Eventually, the red hot Re-Entry bats had to cool down, and unfortunately, it happened against a very good Cowell Corrupters team. The first inning looked promising for Re-Entry, with base hits for the first five batters. Unfortunately, a superb relay from the outfield cut down one run at the plate, and Re-Entry had only two runs to show for their first inning efforts. From then on, hits were few and far between, with double plays ending two of the seven innings. Meanwhile, the Cowell Corrupters continued to put pressure on the Re-Entry fielders, and took advantage of all the Re-Entry miscues. Ultimately, the nine game Re-Entry winning streak was history, as Re-Entry suffered its third straight defeat at the hands of the Cowell Corrupters (since the fall of 2006 when the two teams met for the first time).

Game #4: Re-Entry vs. Choi's Boys & Girls

Re-Entry 3 0 3 0 0 1 0 7
Choi's Boys & Girls 2 5 0 0 1 7 x 15

Emily's Blog: Everyone did a great job both in the outfield and infield. We had minimal errors and even without the errors our opponents were on their game. I was really proud of everyone....and I originally was going to be mad if we lost but everyone was trying their hardest and we all have nothing to be mad about. Our hitting was great we just need to keep those balls on the ground!!!!

Game #5: Re-Entry vs. Fighting Camels

Fighting Camels 0 0 0 7 2 2 2 13
Re-Entry 2 3 0 1 2 0 2 10

Emily's Blog: A close game that could have gone either way. Rob played shortstop (substituting for Howie, who was off in Barcelona) and he did a really great job. Daniel played a solid first base. Jim came out and he did such an awesome job---a few times he made some amazing running catches. As usual David had some great hits and played great in the outfield. There were some errors that cost us a few runs, and in the end we fell a little short in a close contest.

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