Team Re-Entry Softball Box Scores for Fall 2009

Game #1: Re-Entry vs. The Inmates

Re-Entry2 737 17 2 29
The Inmates 0 1 0 4 0 2 0 7

In the fall season opener, the Re-Entry bats were on fire. Despite the new rule this season that limits the number of runs in a given inning to seven, Re-Entry racked up 29 runs (including three "even-run rule" innings) for an easy win over the Inmates. In addition to numerous homeruns from numerous players in the lineup, Re-entry pulled off the first triple play in Re-Entry history in the bottom of the third inning. Poor base-running decisions by The Inmates on a pop fly behind shortstop left the runners on first and second off base after the catch. Howie missed his chance for the unassisted triple play when he threw to first for the third out rather than going for the tag. A spectacular double play ended the bottom of the fifth inning when after a routine ground out, Rob fired the ball to Jessica at third base who tagged out the sliding baserunner attempting to take third on the play.

Game #2: Re-Entry vs. The Kim Davis Experience

Re-Entry1 024 01 4 13
The Kim Davis Experience 1 7 0 3 1 4 x 16

Every once in a while, a team experiences an off-day. This one came at a bad time, as Re-Entry's light hitting and poor fielding (mea culpa big time) contributed to a 16--13 loss to the Kim Davis Experience. Of the few fielding highlights, Asher made a nice play on a sinking line drive turning it into a double play with a strike to first base to double off the runner. Jessica made a sweet play at third snagging a tough little pop fly in foul territory. Three-run home runs by Howie in the 4th inning and by Asher in the 7th inning kept the final score respectable, but was not sufficient to overcome a well played game by our opponents. The Re-Entry regular season winning streak of eleven consecutive victories came to a crashing halt. Time to start a new one!

Game #3: Re-Entry vs. Team Awesome

Team Awesome 3 130 11 1 10
Re-Entry 0 2 2 0 3 0 1 8

After a shaky first inning, the Re-Entry team rebounded with a strong defensive effort. Unfortunately, the Re-Entry bats were fairly quiet, with two of the big Re-Entry hitters absent from the lineup. A late surge got Re-Entry to within one run, but at the end we came up a couple of runs short, resulting in the second loss of the season.

Game #4: Re-Entry vs. Team Sandlot

Team Sandlot 3 570 22 x 19
Re-Entry 4 4 0 0 7 0 x 15

A lack of hitting in three of the six innings and a breakdown of the defense in the third inning was enough to send Re-Entry to their third straight loss. Nevertheless, despite trailing by nine runs entering the bottom of the fifth, the team showed its heart by scoring seven runs (the maximum allowed according to the new rules) to make it a close game. However, Re-Entry was not able to produce the timely hits in the bottom of the sixth, after which darkness prevailed and prevented our last chance at a comeback.

Game #5: Re-Entry vs. Wellness Center

Wellness Center 0 711 63 x 18
Re-Entry 2 04 0 6 4 x 15

A valiant comeback against the first-place team of the division fell short due to some unlucky breaks. With two on and one out in the last inning, a sure homerun to right-center field by Howie turned into a double when the ball struck a soccer goal and bounced back to the outfielder. Then, with two outs and David representing the tying run at the plate, a sharp ground ball to the right side of the field struck the base-runner, Renee, and was ruled the final out of the game. Ten runs in the last two innings finally ended the lack of offense that has dogged the Re-Entry team during the last few games. But it was not enough, as the Re-Entry defense suffered a number of lapses that led to two big innings for the Wellness Center. That was sufficient to ensure a fourth consecutive defeat and the first losing season since the spring of 2008.

Game #6: Re-Entry vs. Big Bangers

Big Bangers 3 203 2x x 10
Re-Entry 2 17 4 x x x 14

In the final game of the season, Re-Entry was playing for pride and dignity. With the best effort since opening day, good hitting and good defense on a rain-soaked field propelled Re-Entry to a 14--10 victory over the Big Bangers. The win was especially satisfying as it ended the four-game Re-Entry losing streak while knocking the Big Bangers out of contention for a playoff spot. The Big Bangers were indeed one of the elite teams of our division this year. Nevertheless, today's game continued the history of Re-Entry dominance over the Big Bangers---the record for the series history now stands at four wins and no losses for Re-Entry.

The Re-Entry victory was due in large part to the revival of the bats, especially the women. Renee and Christine were on fire, contributing big hits throughout the game. Maria played her part too, delivering two RBIs to end the third inning by invoking the seven-run mercy rule. Defense was solid all around, which was particularly impressive given the wet conditions (and wet ball). The one lowlight came courtesy of a certain unnamed outfielder who forgot to bring his cleats (enough said). Our big hitters came through with quite a few timely extra base hits, which provided enough of a cushion to ensure victory. Due to the wet conditions and late start, the game was called after five innings due to darkness. All in all, it was a very satisfying end to the fall season.

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