Fall 2009 UCSC Intramurals Coed Softball

Home page of the defending Fall 2008 UCSC Intramural Coed Softball Champions

Team name: Re-Entry (sponsored by STARS)

Manager: Tim Linden (tlinden@ucsc.edu)

Webmaster: Howard Haber (haber@scipp.ucsc.edu)

League Commissioner: Kevin ("Skippy") Givens (kdgivens@ucsc.edu)

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Fall 2009 Coed Softball Team

The Fall 2009 Coed Softball Re-Entry Team

front and center (from left to right): Maria and Glenn

back row standing (from left to right): Christina, Patrick, Renee, Brandon, Howie, Erica, Asher and David

not shown: Amy, Jessica, Rob and Tim

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Re-Entry ended the softball season on a high note, with a thrilling 14--10 victory over our long-standing rivals, the Big Bangers. Today's victory marks the end of the fall 2009 season. Despite the fact that we are not headed to the playoffs this year, we can be proud of the fact that we all played hard and showed a lot of heart on the field. We were competitive in all games, losing only by four runs against the first place team and by three runs against the wild card team. With the experience gained this fall, we look forward to greater achievements next spring when softball returns to Santa Cruz.

Best of luck on your final exams, and have a great winter break!!

Check out the team photos and pictures taken from the biannual end-of-season team pizza party at Mangiamo Pizza & Wine Bar, which are now posted here.

Next Game

Our next game will take place in April, 2010. Nearly all of the current roster plans to be back for the spring softball season. Stay tuned for further details via e-mail in March.

Line score from the last game

Big Bangers 3 203 2x x 10
Re-Entry 2 17 4 x x x 14

In the final game of the season, Re-Entry was playing for pride and dignity. With the best effort since opening day, good hitting and good defense on a rain-soaked field propelled Re-Entry to a 14--10 victory over the Big Bangers. The win was especially satisfying as it ended the four-game Re-Entry losing streak while knocking the Big Bangers out of contention for a playoff spot. The Big Bangers were indeed one of the elite teams of our division this year. Nevertheless, today's game continued the history of Re-Entry dominance over the Big Bangers---the record for the series history now stands at four wins and no losses for Re-Entry.

The Re-Entry victory was due in large part to the revival of the bats, especially the women. Renee and Christine were on fire, contributing big hits throughout the game. Maria played her part too, delivering two RBIs to end the third inning by invoking the seven-run mercy rule. Defense was solid all around, which was particularly impressive given the wet conditions (and wet ball). The one lowlight came courtesy of a certain unnamed outfielder who forgot to bring his cleats (enough said). Our big hitters came through with quite a few timely extra base hits, which provided enough of a cushion to ensure victory. Due to the wet conditions and late start, the game was called after five innings due to darkness. All in all, it was a very satisfying end to the fall season.

Line scores from all fall season games can be found here.

Manager's Blog

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Fall 2009 Re-Entry coed team softball roster

Amy Jo Chamberlain 3B, 2B, OF
Jessica Cirilo 3B, OF, C
Glenn Gray OF, 2B
Rob Fairlie 1B, SS
Erica Gardner OF, C, 2B, 3B
David Greenberger OF, SS
Howie Haber SS
Renee Henderson 2B, 1B
Tim Linden OF, 2B
Patrick Maddock OF
Brandon McGuire OF
Christina Powell 3B, 2B, C
Asher Noel Reilly OF
Maria Rodriguez C, 2B, OF

Schedule of softball games

Fall 2009 Division III Coed Softball Schedule

DateTime Field OpponentScore
October 9 4 pm 2 The Inmates 29--7 (W)
October 16 4 pm 1 The Kim Davis Experience 12--16 (L)
October 23 4 pm -- BYE ---
October 30 4 pm 1 Team Awesome 8--10 (L)
November 6 4 pm 2 Team Sandlot 15--19 (L)
November 13 4 pm 3 Wellness Center 15--18 (L)
November 20 4 pm 3 Big Bangers 14--10 (W)

Semi-finals will be played on Wednesday December 2, and the championship game will take place on Friday December 4.

Division III Coed Softball League Standings

Team Won Lost Games Behind
* The Kim Davis Experience 5 1 --
** Wellness Center 5 1 --
Big Bangers 4 2 1
Team Sandlot 3 3 2
Re-Entry 2 4 3
The Inmates 1 5 4
Team Awesome 1 5 4

* cliched first place and a playoff berth
** cliched the wild card and a playoff berth
The top two teams in the division qualify for the playoffs.

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Division III Coed Softball Results

October 9

Re-Entry 29     The Inmates 7
Wellness Center 21     Team Sandlot 12
Team Awesome   vs.   Big Bangers (postponed)
The Kim Davis Experience has a BYE.

October 16

The Kim Davis Experience 16     Re_entry 12
Big Bangers 9     Team Sandlot 8
The Inmates 20   vs.   Team Awesome 4
Wellness Center has a BYE.

October 16 (5:15 pm)

Big Bangers 21     Team Awesome 14

October 23

Wellness Center 14     Big Bangers 11
The Kim Davis Experience 21     Team Awesome 19
Team Sandlot 27     The Inmates 5
Re-Entry has a BYE.

October 30

Team Awesome 10     Re-Entry 8
Wellness Center 30     The Inmates 9
Team Sandlot   vs.   The Kim Davis Experience [postponed]
Big Bangers has a BYE.

November 6

Team Sandlot 19     Re-Entry 15
Big Bangers 22     The Inmates 9
The Kim Davis Experience 13     Wellness Center 5
Team Awesome has a BYE.

November 13

The Wellness Center 18     Re-Entry 15
Team Sandlot 25     Team Awesome 13
Big Bangers 19     The Kim Davis Experience 15
The Inmates has a BYE.

November 20 (3:00 pm)

The Kim Davis Experience 20     Team Sandlot 15

November 20

Re-Entry 14     Big Bangers 10
Wellness Center 13     Team Awesome 7
The Kim Davis Experience 7     The Inmates 0 [forfeit]
Team Sandlot has a BYE.

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Location of the Softball Fields

All fields are adjacent to the East Field House. The field closest to the swimming pool is Field 1 (for another view click here). Follow the running track in the direction of Monterey Bay to reach Field 2. Keep following the track as it turns, and you will then end up at Field 3, which is the furthest of the three softball fields from the Field House.

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Spring 2009 Coed Softball Team

Spring 2009 Re-Entry Softball Team at Tony & Alba's

Back row (from left to right): Justin, Asher and Will

middle row (from left to right): Tim, Amanda, Allison, Renee and Howie

front row (from left to right): Emily, David and Ally

not shown: Rob

Fall 2008 Coed Softball Team

The Fall 2008 Coed Softball Re-Entry Team

Intramural Coed Softball Champions!!!

back row (from left to right): Abe, David, Will, Rob and Asher

front row (from left to right): Michele, Stefanie, Jessica, Howie, Lucy and Allison

not shown: Janelle and Justin

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Championship photo of the fall 2001 Re-Entry coed team

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