Fall 2006 UCSC Intramurals Coed Softball

Team name: Re-Entry (sponsored by STARS)

Manager: Harrison Ellman (hte77@aol.com)

Webmaster: Howard Haber (haber@scipp.ucsc.edu)

League Commissioner: Kevin ("Skippy") Givens (kdgivens@ucsc.edu)

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Spring 2006 Coed 
Softball Re-Entry Team

Fall 2006 Coed Softball Re-Entry Team

back row (standing from left to right): Harrison, Asher, Ryan and Cameron

middle row (from left to right): Clara, Kim, Josh and Howie

front row (kneeling from left to right): Emily and Allison

not shown: Michael and Tracy

new!!! More pictures, including those taken at the team pizza party at Tony and Alba's, can be found by clicking here.

Latest news

Championship game: Re-Entry vs. Los Gigantes boxscore

Re-Entry 400431012
Los Gigantes 030100913

For 6 1/2 innings, Re-Entry out-played and out-hustled the undefeated Los Giagntes, building a 12--4 lead going into the bottom of the seventh inning. But, in a thrilling (for Los Gigantes) and nightmarish (for Re-Entry) final inning, Los Gigantes found their strokes, and stormed back with a nine run rally to eke out a victory and seize the championship and the T-shirts. Normally, in such circumstances, the losing team folds under pressure. Not so today. Re-Entry played a superb game both on offense and on defense. The latter did not falter in that fateful seventh inning. Instead, Los Gigantes came up clutch with solid line drives and a number of flares that dropped in between the infield and outfield. All we can do is tip our caps to them for sustaining their impressive season ending drive.

In retrospect, it was a fabulous playoff run, with the Re-Entry team playing nearly flawless softball, only to come up short at the very end against an inspired opponent. Nevertheless, the nucleus is there for a repeat drive for a possible championship in the spring of 2007.

Next Game

The fall season has ended. Coed softball resumes in April, 2007 at the start of the spring quarter. Best wishes for the holidays and a happy 2007!!!

Highlights of the previous playoff games

Semi-finals: IRULEU vs. Re-Entry boxscore

IRULEU 010532011
Re-Entry 013016112

The semi-final game of Re-Entry vs. the Division II first place team, IRULEU, was a game that will be long remembered by our team. After a controversial start, in which the first run scored by Re-Entry was not recorded by the umpire (with runners on first and second, a two out run scoring single by yours truly), Re-Entry jumped to an early 4--1 lead. It was at this point that we learned that the score was not 5--1. Shaken from the news of a run not counted, we were not able to contain a strong offensive push by IRULEU highlighted by a bases clearing triple. By the sixth inning, IRULEU had built an 11--5 lead and looked like it was cruising into the final round of the playoffs. A leaping catch at shortstop ended the sixth inning IRULEU threat (saving two runs in the process). This seemed to light a spark, because in the bottom of the 6th inning, Re-Entry stormed back and scored six runs to tie up the contest. The top of the seventh saw another IRULEU threat (two outs and two men on) eliminated by a fine defensive play to end the inning.

The bottom of the seventh inning (with the light of day fading fast) started out with an unproductive out. But, timely hitting allowed the next three runners to reach base safely. Then, with the bases loaded, one out and our leading slugger Josh up at the plate, it looked like victory was in our grasp. But, Josh's hard ground ball to 3rd base was fielded cleanly, and the throw to the plate produced the second out of the inning (by a force play). Then, instead of holding on to the ball and getting ready for the next batter, the catcher threw the ball to third base (perhaps thinking that a double play was possible). But, this was Harrison who was running from second to third. There was no way he was not going to beat the throw easily. The ball nearly hit Harrison (who was already at third base) and he ducked. This surprised the third baseman, and the ball bounced off his glove and dribbled behind him. Harrison had an intuition of what had just happened, and he immediately took off for home. The third baseman retrieved the ball and threw home. Not a bad throw, which technically beat Harrison to the plate. But, Harrison was able to avoid the tag and score the winning run! It was a wild finish to a superb game, and propelled the Re-Entry Rockets into the finals!!

Quarter-finals: Manhammer IV vs. Re-Entry boxscore

Manhammer IV 10010507
Re-Entry 032810x14

Re-Entry combined timely hitting and solid defense to knock off the first place team of Division IV. The end result was a convincing 14--7 win against Manhammer IV. Highlights include two amazing throws by Josh to Allison at third base, resulting in one out and one extremely close play. A superb double play by Allison (tagging out the runner from second and then getting the force at second base) ended a threat in top of the fourth inning. An eight run burst in the bottom of the fourth inning by Re-Entry followed which essentially iced the game.


Fall 2006 Re-Entry coed team softball roster

Emily Cairns OF, C
Cameron Chinn OF, 1B
Harrison Ellman OF, SS
Allison Garcia 3B
Michael Green DH, C
Howie Haber SS, OF
Josh Kanter OF
Kim Lewis 2B, RF, C
Ryan Lewitter 1B
Clara Lillig-Wilshire 2B, RF
Asher Noel Reilly OF
Tracy Wilson C, RF

Schedule of softball games

Fall 2006 Division III Coed Softball Schedule

GameDateTime Field OpponentScore
October 12 4 pm 1 Lumpen Proletariat 7--2 (W)
October 19 4 pm 1 Mercurials 21--7 (W)
October 26 4 pm 1 Sluggerz 10--4 (W)
November 2 4 pm 1 -- Postponed
November 9 4 pm 1 Los Gigantes 8--9 (L)
November 16 4 pm 1 Wok-Men 18--10 (W)
Quarter-finals November 29 4 pm 3 Manhammer IV 14--7 (W)
Semi-finals November 30 4 pm 3 IRULEU 12--11 (W)
Championship Game December 1 4 pm 1 Los Gigantes 12--13 (L)

There are four divisions of coed softball. The top two teams from each division qualify for the playoffs.

Division III Coed Softball League Final Standings

Team Won Lost Games Behind
* Los Gigantes 5 0 --
* Re-Entry 4 1 1
Lumpen Proletariat 2 3 3
Sluggerz 2 3 3
Mercurials 1 4 4
Wok-Men 1 4 4

* clinched a playoff berth.

Results of October 12

Re-Entry 7     Lumpen Proletariat 2
Los Gigantes 12       Mercurials 6
Sluggerz 13     Wok-Men 11

Results of October 19

Re-Entry 21     Mercurials 7
Los Gigantes 16     Wok-Men 13
Lumpen Proletariat 17     Sluggerz 16

Results of October 26

Re-Entry 10     Sluggerz 7
Mercurials 26     Wok-Men 21
Los Gigantes 23     Lumpen Proletariat 7

November 2 games rained out (to be rescheduled for November 16)

Results of November 9

Los Gigantes 8     Re-Entry 7 (9 innings)
Wok-Men 22     Lumpen Proliteriat 21
Sluggerz 20     Mercurials 15

Results of November 16

Re-Entry 18     Wok-Men 10
Los Gigantes 10     Sluggerz 6 (approximate score)
Lumpen Proletariat 15     Mercurials 14

Quarterfinal Playoff Results of November 28

Los Gigantes 14     Wolfpack 13
Backyard Bangers 21     B/E 4

Quarterfinal Playoff Results of November 29

Re-Entry 14     Manhammer IV 7
IRULEU 14     Trailer Trashers 9

Semifinal Playoff Results of November 30

Re-Entry 12     IRULEU 11
Los Gigantes 10     Backyard Bangers 8

Championship Game of December 1

Los Gigantes 13     Re-Entry 12

Location of the Softball Fields

All fields are adjacent to the East Field House. The field closest to the swimming pool is Field 1 (for another view click here). Follow the running track in the direction of Monterey Bay to reach Field 2. Keep following the track as it turns, and you will then end up at Field 3, which is the furthest of the three softball fields from the Field House.

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Spring 2006 Coed 
Softball Re-Entry Team

Spring 2006 Coed Softball Re-Entry Team

back row (standing from left to right): Kimberly, Jan, Asher, Ryan and Michael Green

front row (kneeling from left to right): Harrison, Emily, Kim, Howie and Michael Reddy

not shown: Tanya, Cindy, Ezequiel and Lindsay

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