Spring 2004 UCSC Intramural Coed Softball

Team name: Re-entry (sponsored by STARS)

Managers: Howard Haber ( haber@scipp.ucsc.edu) and T.J. Cox (tcox@physics.ucsc.edu)

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Spring 2004 Coed Softball Team

The Spring 2004 Coed Softball Team

seated (from left to right): Kim, Laura and Cindy
standing (from left to right): Zeke, Michelle, T.J., Annetta and Howie
absent from the picture: Jerry, Erin, Justin, Michael and Evelyn

(more pictures here)

( pictures from the fall 2003 coed team)

( pictures from the fall 2002 coed team)

Latest news

new!!! Unfortunately, with the loss in the wild-card game on Wednesday May 26, the spring season is now over. The end-of-season pizza party is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday June 2 at 7 pm, at our usual spot. The location and time will be confirmed via e-mail.

Next Game

The next game is scheduled to be played next fall in early October. Stay tuned for further information.


Spring 2004 Re-entry team coed softball roster

Laura Anderson C, 1B
Erin Baldwin 3B, 2B, OF
Justin Brown OF
T.J. Cox OF
Zeke Galang OF, 1B, C
Michael Green 1B, OF
Annetta Gentile 2B, C
Howie Haber SS
Jerry Lane OF, 1B, SS
Kim Lewis 2B, 3B
Michelle McHenry OF
Evelyn Parada 2B,3B,OF
Cindy Rivas 3B, 2B, C

Schedule of softball games

Spring 2004 Coed Softball Schedule

Date Field OpponentScore
April 16 2 Monkey Muck 22--9 (W)
April 23 1 Bloodhounds 23--7 (W)
April 30 3 International Adventure Club 9--18 (L)
May 7 3 TOPES 17--5 (W)
May 14 3 RBI Posse 14--9 (W)
May 21 -- BYE No Game
May 24 1 Hard Ballers 14--18 (L)
May 26 ? Jake Nicol's Team 7--18 (L)

Location of the Softball Fields

All fields are adjacent to the East Field House. The field closest to the swimming pool is Field 1 (for another view click here). Follow the running track in the direction of Monterey Bay to reach Field 2. Keep following the track as it turns, and you will then end up at Field 3, which is the furthest of the three softball fields from the Field House.

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Fall 2003 Coed Softball Team

The Fall 2003 Coed Softball Team

seated (from left to right): Jerry, Kim, Cindy, Annetta and Laura
standing (from left to right): Justin, T.J., Zeke, Howie and Michelle
absent from the picture: Erin, Xavier and Tony

(more pictures here)

( pictures from the fall 2002 coed team)

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Last Updated: June 5, 2004