Spring 2007 UCSC Intramurals Coed Softball

Team name: Re-Entry (sponsored by STARS)

Manager: Harrison Ellman (hte77@aol.com)

Webmaster: Howard Haber (haber@scipp.ucsc.edu)

League Commissioner: Kevin ("Skippy") Givens (kdgivens@ucsc.edu)

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Spring 2007 Coed Softball Team

The Spring 2007 Coed Softball Re-Entry Team

back row (standing from left to right): Asher, Rob, Justin and Clara

middle row (standing from left to right): Dom, Emily, Josh and Howie

front row (seated from left to right): Tracy, Kim, Allison and Harrison

new!!! More pictures, taken at the team pizza party at Tony and Alba's, can be found by clicking here.

Latest news

The spring season has ended. Coed softball resumes in October, 2007 at the start of the fall quarter. Have a great summer!!

Highlights of the last game

Re-entry vs. the Cowell Corruptors boxscore

Cowell Corrupters 022650015
Re-Entry 40201018

Despite a valiant effort against the first place team of the division and two early leads, Re-Entry was not able to quell the fourth and fifth inning rallies of the Cowell Corruptors until the damage had been done. Two mammoth home runs by Justin and Josh were not sufficient to overcome the deficit (and unfortunately, a strained hamstring suffered by yours truly in the first inning did not help matters). Ultimately, this loss coupled with the Western Yellow Bellies Racers' victory over Nice Crack was sufficient to eliminate Re-Entry from the playoffs.

Nevertheless, I can say with confidence that this was probably the best Re-Entry team that failed to make the playoffs. With four (almost equally) talented teams in the division of six team, a third place finish is still nothing to be ashamed of (especially since our loss to the second place team was by the smallest of margins).

Link to Re-Entry Softball box scores for all Spring 2007 games


Spring 2007 Re-Entry coed team softball roster

Dom Amato OF
Emily Cairns OF
Harrison Ellman OF, SS, 1B
Rob Fairlie 1B
Justin Ferber OF, SS
Allison Garcia 3B
Howie Haber SS
Josh Kanter OF, 3B, SS
Kim Lewis 2B, 3B, RF, C
Clara Lillig-Wilshire 2B, C
Asher Noel Reilly OF
Tracy Wilson C, RF

Schedule of softball games

Spring 2007 Division II Coed Softball Schedule

DateTime Field OpponentScore
April 23 6:30 pm 3 The Newts 44--8 (W)
April 30 6:30 pm 2 Fiasco 23--5 (W)
May 7 6:30 pm 1 Western Yellow Bellies Racers 16--17 (L)
May 14 6:30 pm 2 Nice Crack 12--9 (W)
May 21 6:30 pm 3 Cowell Corruptors 8--15 (L)

There are eight divisions of coed softball. The top two teams from each division qualify for the playoffs.

Division II Coed Softball League Standings

Team Won Lost Games Behind
* Cowell Corruptors 5 0 --
* Western Yellow Bellies Racers 4 1 1
Re-Entry 3 2 2
Nice Crack 2 3 3
The Newts 1 4 4
Fiasco 0 5 5

* clinched a playoff berth.

April 23 games

Re-Entry 44     The Newts 8
Cowell Corruptors 2     Nice Crack 1
Western Yellow Bellies Racers 9     Fiasco 0 (forfeit)

April 30 games

Re-Entry 23     Fiasco 5
Cowell Corruptors 26     Western Yellow Bellies Racers 9
Nice Crack 27     The Newts 11

May 7 games

Western Yellow Bellies Racers 17     Re-Entry 16
Cowell Corruptors 20     The Newts 6
Nice Crack 23     Fiasco 8

May 14 games

Re-Entry 12     Nice Crack 9
Western Yellow Bellies Racers 30     The Newts 17
Cowell Corruptors 35     Fiasco 4

May 21 games

Cowell Corruptors 15     Re-Entry 8
Western Yellow Bellies Racers 13     Nice Crack 7
The Newts 27     Fiasco 22

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UCSC Coed Softball League Teams (Spring, 2007)

Division I   [Mon., 5 pm] Division II   [Mon., 6:30 pm] Division III   [Wed., 5 pm] Division IV   [Wed., 6:30 pm]
Wellness Western Yellow Bellies Racers Red Rum College 8 Spartans
Home Platos Nice Crack The Spartans Motor Boaters
Team Faded The Newts Amazing A's The Team
Porter Pounders w/ Cheese Re-Entry Casey Von Drehle's Team Solid
Silly Rabbit Trix are for Kids Cowell Corruptors High Street Hooligans & Friends High Voltage ILC
This is SpartaFiasco Hard Balls Super Heroes

Division V   [Thurs., 5 pm]     Division VI   [Thurs., 6:30 pm]     Division VII   [Fri., 4 pm]     Division IV   [Fri., 5:30 pm]    
Slammers Irie Meditation Channel 4 News Team Backyard Bangers
Changas Sluggerz Big Bangers Wok Men
Whoop That Trick Time Travellers & Ghost Riders Mean Sox Danger Boys
Tempered Distributions Cut You So Bad IRULEU! South Laurel
KC & the Sunshine Band Wounded Soldiers Cali Street G's The Jerks We Lost To
A2 Blue Balls Los Gigantes Manhammer IV

Location of the Softball Fields

All fields are adjacent to the East Field House. The field closest to the swimming pool is Field 1 (for another view click here). Follow the running track in the direction of Monterey Bay to reach Field 2. Keep following the track as it turns, and you will then end up at Field 3, which is the furthest of the three softball fields from the Field House.

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Spring 2006 Coed 
Softball Re-Entry Team

Fall 2006 Coed Softball Re-Entry Team

back row (standing from left to right): Harrison, Asher, Ryan and Cameron

middle row (from left to right): Clara, Kim, Josh and Howie

front row (kneeling from left to right): Emily and Allison

not shown: Michael and Tracy

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