Team Re-Entry Softball Box Scores for Spring 2010

Game #1: Re-Entry vs. Doobie Ashtrays

Team Six 0 101 11 1 5
Re-Entry 10 21 10 2 1 x 25

In the opening game of the spring 2010 season, Re-Entry was on fire to start the game. After a three-up three-down top of the first, Re-Entry batted around in the bottom half of the inning and scored tens runs before any outs were recorded. The ten run rule was invoked, and Re-Entry was on their way to a decisive victory. Just in case there was any doubt, Re-Entry repeated their ten-run romp in the fourth inning, and won going away, beating Team Six by a final score of 25--5. All Re-Entry batters hit safely at least once (if not more) during the game.

Game #2: Re-Entry vs. Team USA

Re-Entry 0 030 11 1 6
Team USA 0 00 1 4 1 1 7

This was a really tough loss, in which a few lapses in Re-Entry hitting and fielding at a number of critical points in the game permitted our opponents to overcome a three run deficit and set the stage for a walk-off single in the bottom of the 7th to squeak out the victory. This was the type of game where Re-Entry just was not able to survive a ton of bad breaks, which on any normal day would have been more evenly distributed between the two teams. A few of the highlights included a nice catch by Christina on a screaming line drive to left center and Herbi's first Re-Entry homerun. Despite all the adversity, Tim made an incredible throw from center field on the final play of the game that nearly caught the final batter of the day napping (and would have sent the game into extra innings) as he ambled to first after delivering the final hit of the game.

Game #3: Re-Entry vs. Brother Jebudiah and his Low-Swingin' Saviors

Brother Jebudiah and his Low-Swingin' Saviors 1 181 00 3 14
Re-Entry 4 89 8 0 4 x 33

Re-Entry welcomed back Patrick Maddock after a three week stint on the disabled list. After a brief scare in the top of the third inning when Brother Jebudiah and his Low-Swingin' Saviors scored eight runs to pull within two runs of Re-Entry (with help of a record breaking ten infield hits), the Re-Entry bats banged out seventeen runs in the following two innings to ice the game. Two web gems of note included a sweet catch of a sinking line drive in left field by Marisa with two outs and the bases loaded in the fourth inning to snuff out any chance of a comeback by our opponents, and a nifty backhand of a hard-hit ground ball by Brandon over second base followed by an accurate throw to first to complete the putout. Batting highlights included a homerun by Tim in an eight-run second inning, an opposite field bomb from Rob (who couldn't resist the short right field fence), a 4 for 4 game including three triples and a double by Howie, and a continuing barrage of hits from the top of our women's lineup, Marisa and Lilly. Nevertheless, there are still a few kinks to work out (tightening up the D and avoiding those popups) in the drive to the playoffs as we approach the critical part of the schedule.

Game #4: Re-Entry vs. Wellness Center Sluggers

Re-Entry 6 21 0 07 1 17
Wellness Center Sluggers 3 00 0 1 1 0 5

Facing an undermanned Wellness Center Sluggers squad, Re-Entry struck first with six runs in the top half of the first inning; all runs scoring with two outs. As it turns out, that was enough to ensure a Re-Entry victory. The top web gems in this game all came in the third inning. The number one web gem was terrific throw by Brandon in left field to Lilly at second base to gun down a runner trying to stretch a single into a double. Shades of Nate Schierholtz, not to mention a superb pick-up on the short hop by Lilly to apply the tag. A close contender was a superb catch by David in center field on short fly ball---the glove just managing to get under the ball at the last second---to end the inning. The fourth inning sported a nice inning ending double play, Howie fielding the ground ball, stepping on second and throwing a strike to Nate at first. This feat was almost repeated in the bottom of the 7th. Not being able to quite pull of the game-ending double play gave Patrick the opportunity to flash some leather, ending the game with a nice running catch. On the Re-Entry offensive side, the two most notable hits were yet another homerun from Tim, and a two-run triple by Marisa, who is still sticking to her story that it was a three-run home run. Unfortunately, the umpire disagreed in a close play at the plate. Nevertheless, that play concluded a seven run sixth inning, after which the game was never in doubt.

Game #5: Re-Entry vs. Dance Biscuits

Re-Entry 3 00 0 00 1 4
Dance Biscuits 1 10 3 0 7 x 12

Tip of the hat to our opponents, who were extremely talented, and played a great game. Re-Entry clinged to a 3--2 lead until the bottom of the fourth inning, and kept within striking distance through five innings, due to some great defensive plays. Unfortunately, Dance Biscuits blew the game open with a seven-run inning in the bottom of the 6th. The Re-Entry bats were actually not as quiet as the score suggests, due to the defensive prowess of the first-place Dance Biscuits team.

Game 5: Re-Entry vs. Multiple Scoregasm

Multiple Scoregasm forfeited their second game of the season when only one player showed up to play. With that forfeit, Re-Entry clinched a tie for second place. Having lost by one run to the other second place team (Team USA), Re-Entry just missed the playoffs by virtue of the tiebreaker (as only two teams from each division qualifies for the playoffs).

In order to not let a beautiful afternoon go to waste, the entire 16-person Re-Entry squad joined with the one Multiple Scoregasm player (nothing multiple about that!) and a few hangers-on and Rachael the umpire to play a spirited exhibition game.

Howie's Team 7 34 9 4xx 27
The Others 2 52 0 0 x x 9

With no playoff pressure, the Re-Entry players on Howie's team provided an awesome display of hitting that generated 27 runs in five innings of play. Leading the barrage, Chris, Glen and Patrick had multi-homerun games, while Howie contributed a complete cycle (single, double, triple and homerun). The cycle was in doubt until the final inning. Having singled in the first, tripled in the second and doubled in the third inning, Howie went for the homerun in the fourth inning by shooting a line drive a few inches fair down the right field line. A superb play by Lilly in right field including retrieving the ball and a very strong throw back into the infield, holding Howie to a second triple. But the fifth inning, Howie had one more chance (thanks to the nine run outburst in the fourth inning when the team batted around). So, in the fifth, with Lilly cheating this time toward the right field line, Howie drove the ball down the left field line just a few inches fair. The left fielder could not reach the ball to cut if off, and the rest was a race between batter and fielder. Howie beat the throw home to complete the cycle.

Other highlights included a very stylish head-first slide by Christina into third base ahead of the throw, and a nice catch in deep right field by Rachael the umpire to take extra bases away from David. All Re-Entry players were playing at the top of the game, earning free pizza for their great efforts.

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