IEEE Electronics Paper 2005

Hiroshima 2000 contributions

Frontend Electronics Paper

word doc An Amplifier-Discriminator Chip for the GLAST Silicon-Strip Tracker

word doc The assembly of the silicon tracker for the GLAST beam test engineering model

word doc Radiation Testing of GLAST LAT Tracker ASICs

word doc Results from the beam test of the engineering model of the GLAST large area telescope

word doc GLAST, a Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope

word doc Design and properties of the GLAST flight silicon micro-strip sensors

word docRadiation issues in the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope GLAST

Vienna Talk 2004

Vienna Talk and Paper

Proposal to NASA ("AO Response")

AO Final Version

Presentation at Hiroshima 2000

HFWS Presentation

GLAST Detector QA Tests

Test Results of 57 GLAST Detectors 3/23/98

List of Detector Tests 3/30/98

Results of UCSC QA on 4 detector

Figures of QA Tests

Assembly Tolerances

Assembly Tolerances of Trays

Detector Leakage Currents

Thermal Dependence of LeakageCurrent

Noise from Al Strip Resistance

Noise due to Al Resistance