University of California, Santa Cruz SCIPP Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics

Personal Statement

Alan Litke's research interests are in the fields of experimental particle physics and neurobiology. In particle physics, he is currently doing research with the highest energy electron-positron collisions ever achieved. This work is done with the ALEPH experiment at CERN. He and his CERN-based group are searching for new particles and new phenomena, including the Higgs boson, supersymmetric particles, and effects due to TeV-scale quantum gravity. Litke's research in neurobiology is aimed at understanding the neural code that the eye uses to send information about the visual world to the brain. In the Retinal Readout Project, he is developing a neural imaging system to study how a large collection of neurons (the retina) processes, encodes and communicates information.

Collaboration Involvement: ALEPH , Retinal Readout Project