University of California, Santa Cruz SCIPP Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics

Personal Statement

Seiden works in experimental particle physics with broad interests in both the fundamental interactions among particles and the development of detectors to study such interactions. Some of the major physics topics he has contributed to include how quarks combine into the particles we actually see following violent interactions, how charge parity symmetry breaking can be measured in the B meson system, and decays and mixing for mesons containing charmed quarks. He has also been involved in devising methods to search for the source of electroweak symmetry breaking, the mechanism by which particles have mass. In the area of detectors, Seiden, has been interested in charged particle tracking detectors of all types and associated readout electronics. He has led the construction of several large drift chambers and silicon strip detectors and been a leader in the exploitation of microelectronics to improve detector measurements.

Collaboration Involvement: Atlas , BaBar