Brief Bio

I was born in Madrid, Spain to a Spanish father and British mother (hence my double-barrelled last name). In 1989 I moved to the US, and became a US citizen in 2000. After completing my high school education, at Oak Park and River Forest High School, in the suburbs of Chicago, I moved to only-slightly-less-cold New York City, where I graduated from Columbia in 1995. Tired of the bad weather, I headed out to sunny California, where I attended Stanford University. I received my PhD in Physics in 2003, working on X-ray binaries, under the supervision of Elliott Bloom, at SLAC. After that, I moved to UC Santa Cruz, where I became a post-doc in David Williams' group, working primarily on the search for Very High Energy (> 100 GeV) emission from Gamma-ray Bursts with the Milagro TeV detector. In 2008 I joined Robert Johnson's GLAST (now Fermi) group and started focusing more on gamma-ray pulsars. As of August 2013 I have a joint appointment between UCSC (where I am a research scientist) and the University of Hong Kong, where I am a research assistant professor.