Recent Presentations

  • The detection of gamma-ray pulsars above 10 GeV, 4th Fermi Asian Network (FAN) Workshop, Hong Kong, 8 July 2013
  • X-ray observations and the search for Fermi-LAT gamma-ray pulsars, XMM-Newton Science Workshop, ESAC, Madrid, Spain, 22 May 2013
  • Gamma-ray pulsars with Fermi-LAT, UCSC Astronomy Colloquium, Santa Cruz, CA, 17 April 2013
  • Pulsar Astrophysics at Very High Energies in the Fermi-HAWC era, 13th HEAD meeting, Monterey, CA, 7-11 April, 2013
  • Enhancing Searches for Pulsars around the Galactic Center with Fermi-LAT, Fourth International Fermi Symposium, Monterey, CA, October 28 - November 2, 2012
  • Gamma-ray Pulsars in the Fermi LAT era, Department of Physics Seminar, University of Kong Kong (HKU), Hong Kong, 29 August 2012
  • Fermi LAT Searches for gamma-ray pulsars, IAU Symposium 291: Neutron Stars and Pulsars: Challenges and Opportunities after 80 years, 20-31 August 2012, Beijing, China
  • Fermi-LAT Detection of gamma-ray Pulsars above 10 GeV'', 5th International Symposium on High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany, 9-13 July, 2012
  • Gamma-ray pulsar searches with Fermi LAT, Astronomy Colloquium, Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University, Beijing, 12 April 2012
  • A golden age in gamma-ray pulsar astrophysics, Physics Seminar, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 16 March 2012
  • Results and prospects of blind searches for gamma-ray pulsars in Fermi-LAT data, Seminar, NRAO, Charlottesville, VA, 8 July 2011
  • Towards the Second Fermi LAT Catalog (2FGL), Physics Seminar, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 13 May 2011
  • Blind Searches for Gamma-ray Pulsars in 2 years of Fermi LAT data, III Fermi Symposium, Rome, 9-12 May 2011