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Physics 221A (Fall 2007): Introduction to Particle Physics I

Course information

Time: MWF 2:00-3:10 PM
Place: ISB 235
Instructor: Prof. Stefano Profumo
Office hours: MW 3:45-5:00 PM (or stop by ISB 325)

Course description

This course is the first quarter of a 2-quarter graduate-level introduction to modern particle physics. The focus is on (1) hadron phenomenology, (2) weak interactions, (3) the electro-weak theory and (4) a few selected topics beyond the Standard Model.


Click here to download the Syllabus

Course outline

The detailed schedule includes the proposed topics for each lecture.


We will primarily be using the following two textbooks:

Other material will be supplied by the Instructor. In particular, we will make use of a few chapters from the following textbooks (all the books listed here and the two above are on reserve at the McHenry Science & Engineering Library):

Grading policy

Grading will be based on 5 homework exercises (20% each).

Homework exercises

Set number Topics Due Date
1 (pdf) Symmetries and Quarks Monday, October 15
2 (pdf) Weak Interactions Monday, October 29
3 (pdf) Weak Decays, Mixing and Neutrino physics Monday, November 5
4 (pdf) Electroweak sector Monday, November 19
5 (topics - pdf, schedule - pdf) Final: Seminar on Higgs and Beyond the Standard Model M-W, December 10-12

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