Physics 6B
Winter 2011
Introductory Physics II
University of California at Santa Cruz
MWF 2:00 pm to 3:10 pm, Thimann Lecture Hall, Room 3
TEXT: Wolfson, Essential University Physics, Volumes 1 and 2
Instructor: Bruce Schumm
Office: 329 Natural Sciences II (NOTE: my section is in ISB 231)
Phone: (831) 459-3034
Office Hours:
3:30-5:00, in ISB 231
And by appointment if necessary
We'll explore a number of "everyday" phenomena, such as heat, fluids, and optics (the focussing and control of visible light) from the quantitative vantage point of physics. Much of the material in the class is particularly useful for people intending careers in Life and Health Sciences. Also, the sections on energy and thermodynamics form the basics of energy science which, as we all know, is coming into greater and greater focus these days.


General Information

Schedule of Sections

Homework Solutions

Description of Diiferent Heat-Flow Quantities

Getting Started on Mastering Physics

Sample Exam for Midterm I (Spring 2009 Exam) and solutions

Sample Exam for Midterm II (Spring 2009 Exam) and cover sheet and solutions

Sample Problems for Final and cover sheet and solutions to first two problems

Midterm I and solutions

Midterm II and solutions

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