University of California, Santa Cruz SCIPP Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics

Personal Statement

My research interests are mainly in the area of experimental particle physics although I have worked in other scientific areas that can profit from similar technological development. Given my years working in the electronics industry before returning to UCSC, the focus of my work is on the instrumentation necessary to advance the science I find interesting. Currently that is the electronics used for particle detectors. I am involved with the ATLAS and the Heavy Photon Search experiments. For the international ATLAS project, I served as Electronics Coordinator for the Semi-Conductor Tracker (SCT) sub-system during its design and construction phases. I now serve as manager of US maintenance and operations of the Pixel and SCT sub-systems and Coordinator of the Inner Tracker Common Electronics Group for the planned upgrade of

Mentoring students, both graduate and undergraduate, is also an important part of my work. We have many projects that profit from student help while affording the students

While my primary occupation involves high-tech, scientific research, I value the importance of students receiving a broad based education. Supporting that view, I am an active member of Upsilon Chapter at UCSC of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and currently serve as its president.

Collaboration Involvement: ATLAS, HPS.