Physics 212
Fall 2010
Graduate Electricity and Magnetism
University of California at Santa Cruz
T Th 12:00 - 1:45pm, ISB 235
TEXT: J.D. Jackson, `Classical Electrodynamics'
Instructor: Michael Dine
Office: 323 ISB
Phone: (831) 459-3033
Office Hours:
1:00-3:00 Mondays
And by appointment as necessary
This is the first quarter of the electricity and magnetism sequence. Topics covered include electrostatics and magnetostatics, with an emphasis on Green's functions and special functions as tools to solving such problems. We will begin the study of electrodynamics as well. We will attempt to provide more physics context than the textbook.


Handout on vector analysis.

Handout on coupling of charged particles to electromagnetic field and magnetic monopoles.

Magnetic dipoles.

The Equations of Macroscopic Electrodynamics.

Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Homework Assignments