ATLAS Upgrade R&D


F. Gianotti, M.L. Mangano, T. Virdee, et al ., “Physics Potential and Experimental Challenges of the LHC Luminosity Upgrade”, CERN-TH/2002-078 ( April 1, 2002 )

O. Bruhning, et al.,“LHC Luminosity and Energy Upgrade: A Feasibility Study”, LHC Project Report 626


ATLAS Upgrade Steering Group Webpage

High-Luminosity LHC Upgrade Steering Group Meetings


CMS Upgrade Workshops

U.S. ATLAS Upgrade R&D Workshops/Meetings:

UCSC ATLAS Upgrade meeting, May 2007

Liquid Argon Workshop, March 30-31, 2006 at SMU

UCSC Inner Detector Meeting November 2005

SMU Meeting January 2004

Optical Readout Meeting May 23rd

Non-U.S. ATLAS Upgrade R&D Workshops/Meetings:

ATLAS Tracker Upgrade Workshop
NIKHEF-Amsterdam, November 3-7, 2008

ATLAS Tracker Upgrade Workshop
Liverpool, December 6-8, 2006

ATLAS Tracker Upgrade Workshop
Genova, July 18-20, 2005

Upgrade R&D Library:

Evaluation of the Radiation Tolerance of SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors Under 24GeV Proton Exposure, Jessica Metcalfe, et al.

Operation of Short-Strip Silicon Detectors based on p-type Wafers in the ATLAS Upgrade ID, Mara Bruzzi, Hartmut Sadrozinski and Abraham Seiden

Thoughts on Data and TTC Transmission for the Upgraded ATLAS Inner Detector, Alexander Grillo