Physics 216
Spring 2004
Quantum Mechanics
University of California at Santa Cruz
TTh 10:00-11:45pm, ISB 235
TEXT: R. Shankar, Quantum Mechanics
Instructor: Michael Dine
Office: 323 ISB
Phone: (831) 459-3033
Office Hours:
1:00-2:00 Monday
And by appointment


Feynman, Metropolis and Teller on Thomas-Fermi Theory

Handout on Thomas Fermi (needs Mathematica)

Handout from Schiff on Central Field Approximation

Handout on WKB Approximation

Handout from Park on Alpha Decay

Feynman in Reviews of Modern Physics on Path Integral

Lecture Notes on Wave Packets and Scattering

Lecture Notes on Lippman-Schwinger Equation and Scattering

Handout from Baym on Second Quantization

Homework Assignments