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Physics 221A (Fall 2008): Introduction to Particle Physics I

Course information

Lecture Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00-3:45 PM
Lecture Place: ISB, Room 126
Instructor: Prof. Stefano Profumo
Office hours: Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 PM (or by appointment)

Course description

This course is the first quarter of a 2-quarter graduate-level introduction to modern particle physics. The focus is on (1) hadron phenomenology, (2) weak interactions, (3) the electro-weak theory and (4) a few selected topics in beyond the Standard Model and astro-particle physics.


Click here to download the Syllabus

Course outline

The detailed schedule includes the proposed topics for each lecture.


Reference Textbooks:

Other material will be supplied by the Instructor. In particular, we will make use of a few chapters from the following textbooks (all the books listed here are available at the McHenry Science & Engineering Library):

Grading policy

Grading will be based on 5 homework exercises (20% each). The first 4 homeworks will be problem sets, while the last one will be a 25 minutes seminar on one of a few topics suggested by the Instructor. The homeworks will be posted during the quarter.

Homework exercises

Set number Topics Due Date Solutions
1 (pdf) - Symmetries and Quarks - - Tuesday, October 14 - - HW1 Solutions
1 (pdf) - Weak Interactions - - Tuesday, November 4 - - HW2 Solutions
1 (pdf) - Weak Decays, Mixing and Neutrino physics - - Thursday, November 13 - - HW3 Solutions
1 (pdf) - Electroweak sector - - Tuesday, November 25 - -
1 (pdf) - Final Exam (Seminar) - - Thursday Dec 4 and Wednesday, December 10 - -

Schedule for Finals (to be held in ISB 310)

Speaker              Topic              Day                          Time             
Furniss 1. Thu, Dec 4 4.30PM
Cambier 2. Thu, Dec 4 5.00PM
Damiani 5. Thu, Dec 4 5.30PM
Lindgren 9. Thu, Dec 4 6.00PM
Manning 3. Wed, Dec 10 2.00PM
Wendav 6. Wed, Dec 10 2.30PM
Pack 4. Wed, Dec 10 3.00PM
Kozaczuk 13. Wed, Dec 10 3.30PM

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