People's Physics Book

The intent of the authors is to produce an inexpensive alternative textbook for high school and college physics students and teachers. Our vision is of a physics teacher cooperative that produces excellent work at little or no cost.


Ch 0.1: Introduction and Vision
(includes information on how to print books)

Ch 1: Units and Problem Solving

Ch 2: Energy Conservation

Ch 3: One Dimensional Motion

Ch 4: Two Dimensional and Projectile Motion

Ch 5: Newton's Laws

Ch 6: Centripetal Forces

Ch 7: Momentum Conservation

Ch 8: Energy and Force

Ch 9: Rotational Motion

Ch 10: Simple Harmonic Motion

Ch 11: Wave Motion and Sound

Ch 12: Electricity

Ch 13: Electric Circuits: Batteries and Resistors

Ch 14: Magnetism

Ch 15: Electric Circuits: Capacitors

Ch 16: Electric Circuits: Advanced Topics

Ch 17: Light

Ch 18: Fluids

Ch 19: Thermodynamics and Heat Engines

Ch 20: Special and General Relativity

Ch 21: Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics

Ch 22: Standard Model of Particle Physics

Ch 23: Feynman Diagrams

Ch 24: Quantum Mechanics

Ch. 25 Using Calculus with Physics
(under construction)

Ch. 26 Global Warming

App. A: Numerical and Short Answers to Problems

App. B: Equations


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Copies of the source documents are freely available for download below. You may ask a print or photocopy shop to print and bind the book at your own cost. You may sell the book to students if the following conditions are met: (i) you have emailed us (ii) you will use the book for educational purposes only; (iii) you will not sell the book for any profit, but only to recoup the cost of printing and distributing.

Updated: September 2013