The ATLAS SCT Lab DAQ-System

The following page describe the data acquisition system, used in the SCIPP lab, to readout silicon strip detectors with a binary front-end readout proposed for the ATLAS silicon vertex tracker.

The system setup consists of a VME based dsp data acquisition card, a PC as the host computer which is interfaced to the VME backplane by a National Instrument PCI-VME interface card.

The main purpose of this system to test detector modules by performing performing calibrations, noise measurements, source measurements and so on.

New version 2.0 available

The documentation assumes the newest version of the program. We will keep the description for older versions only for a short time.

Installation and down loading Code

  1. Setting up the VME-interface
  2. Installation or list of Latest Version.
  3. Down Load Files

Running daq.exe

  1. How to run
  2. Input Files (config, detector planes, autopilot)
  3. output file format
  4. Raw data format in run mode


  1. How we call Fortran from C

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