Physics 110B
Spring 2008
Electricity and Magnetism II
University of California at Santa Cruz
TEXT: Griffiths, `Introduction to Electrodynamics', Third Edition
Instructor: Michael Dine
Office: 323 ISB
Phone: (831) 459-3033
Office Hours:
1:00 - 3:00 Monday
And by appointment if necessary
Teaching Assistant: Deva O'Neil
Office: ISB 329, 459-1962.
Phone: 831-459-1962
Office Hours:
Monday 5-6 PM. Discussion section Mondays at 7:00
(Homework Due in Physics office by 4:30 pm on due date)
This course brings the full machinery of Maxwell's equations to bear on time-dependent problems in electrodynamics, especially waves and wave propagation and radiation. Maxwell's equations obey the rules of special relativity, and we will develop a much more sophisticated understanding of relativity in this course.


Handout: Vectors and Tensors

Handout: Energy and Momentum, Maxwell Stress Tensor

Handout: An Electromagnetic Wave Review

Solving Maxwell's Equations with General Charges and Currents

Feynman Lectures on Bohm-Aharanov Effect (Is the vector potential real?)

Feynman on waveguides, waves in conductors

Alternative Derivation of Lienard-Wiechart Potentials

Radiation and Scattering

Special Relativity: Some Historical Remarks

Cosmic Rays from Particle Data Group

Special Relativity

Homework Assignments