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Summer Teacher Workshop 2007

June 25rd - June 29th, 2007

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The teacher’s workshop is a week-long event at the UCSC campus and will be able to accomodate about eight participants. The program will be a good mixture of data analysis for balloon flights, classroom demonstrations with electromagnetic riddles, and presentations of research topics by SCIPP scientists.

We will divide the workshop into themes, and we will schedule them
according to the preferences of the attendees

Click HERE to view the 2007 Week Schedule

Schedule of the Talks:

Mon. June 25 - What is the Higgs Boson? (Nielsen)

Tue. June 26 (am) - A Theoretical Physicist Looks at the Future (Dine)
Tue. June 26 (pm) - Balloon Flight (Rosenblum, Graf, Bellanger, Dann, Kliewer, Schalk)

Wed. June 27 - Journey Back to the Big Bang (Guhathakurta)

Thu. June 28 - CP Violation (Schumm)

Fri. June 29 (am) - GLAST (Atwood)
Fri. June 29 (pm) - Selected Topics in QM. (Dine, Nielsen, Rosenblum, Schumm, Sadrozinski)

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