SCIPP: Outreach

Future and Previous


Summer Teacher Workshop 2010

August 9th - August 13th, 2010


Quarknet Website

3 Intro To Units Math

8 Measurements

Endeavor Paradigm and Collaboration Model

Muon Count Rate Estimator

Plateau Template


Proton Shower Over Chicago

Viewpoint- Smarter than a fifth Grader

Powerpoint Presentations:

Accidental Coincidences

Cosmic Workshop 2009

Muon Lifetime Experiment

Muon Students


Powerpoint Presentations By Teachers:

Mary Jo Nordyke

Alisa Bredensteiner #1

Alisa Bredensteiner #2

Ty Fredriks


Research Talks:

Alex Grillo

Michael Dine

Jason Nielsen

Sasha Sher- Please Contact Vicki Johnson



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