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Physics 139B Home Page---Fall 2009

This page contains copies of the class handouts, and other pertinent items of interest for the U.C. Santa Cruz Physics 139B class.


new!!! The course grades and final exam scores are listed by student ID numbers in this pdf file. The relevant histograms are posted below.

Final exam solutions are posted to Section III of this website. The graded exams are available for pick-up in my office any time this week. I will be in my office most of the week in the afternoons (excluding Wednesday).

Have a great winter holiday break---you earned it!!!

The distributions of the final course grades and the final exam scores are shown in the histograms below:

course grade distribution           distribution of final exam scores

Table of Contents

[ I. General Information and Syllabus | II. Problem Sets and Exams | III. Solutions to Problem Sets and Exams | IV. Other Class Handouts | V. Articles of Interest ]

I. General Information and Syllabus

The General Information and Syllabus handout is available in either PDF or Postscript format     [PDF | Postscript]
Some of the information in this handout is reproduced here.

General Information

Instructor Howard Haber
Office ISB 326
Phone 459-4228
Office Hours Mondays and Tuesdays 2--3 pm
e-mail haber@scipp.ucsc.edu

Class Hours

Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:00--1:45 pm, ISB 231

Required Textbook

Introductory Quantum Mechanics, 4th Edition by Richard L. Liboff

Course Grading and Requirements

40% Homework (5 problem sets)
25% Midterm Exam (Thursday October 29, 2009, 12--1:45 pm)
35% Final Exam (Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 12--3 pm)

Homework assignments will be due on every second Thursday of the academic quarter starting with the first assignment that is due on Thursday October 8, 2009. The homework problem sets are not optional. You are encouraged to discuss the class material and homework problems with your classmates and to work in groups, but all submitted problems should represent your own work and understanding.

The final exam will be held in ISB 231. This exam will be three hours long and cover the complete course material. You must take the final exam to pass the course. You will be permitted to consult the class textbook, your own handwritten notes, and any class handout during the final exam.

Course Syllabus

  1. Elements of matrix mechanics [Liboff, sections 11.1--11.5]
  2. Introduction to spin [Liboff, sections 11.6--11.9]
  3. Addition of angular momentum [Liboff, sections 9.4, 9.5, 11.10]
  4. Quantum mechanics in an external electromagnetic field [Liboff, section 10.4 and handout]
  5. Time-independent perturbation theory [Liboff, sections 13.1--13.3]
  6. Applications to atomic and molecular physics [Liboff, sections 12.1--12.7]
  7. Time-dependent perturbation theory [Liboff, sections 8.8, 13.5--13.8]
  8. Quantum theory of scattering [Liboff, sections 14.1--14.6]
  9. Quantum theory of radiation [Liboff, sections 10.7, 13.9]

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II. Problem Sets and Exams

Problem sets and exams are available in either PDF or Postscript formats.

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III. Solutions to Problem Sets and Exams

The problem set and exam solutions are available in either PDF or postscript formats.

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IV. Other Class Handouts

Class handouts are available in either PDF or postscript formats.

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V. Articles of Interest

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Last Updated: December 12, 2009