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Summer Teacher Workshop 2008

Vision Statements from the Participating Teachers

Stuart Briber

"I have been involved with Quarknet and the UC Santa Cruz center for several years and at this time I feel I am familiar enough with the function and software for the Cosmic Ray Detector to begin using it in my Physics classroom. It has taken a while to get to this point; I have just become fortunate to obtain a 6000 series detector..."


James Dann

"A great moment of clarity happend for me the first time I got my hands on a particle physics detector. All the vague, yet intriguing forces of nature at the quantum level became real and made sense. For myself, it happened much too late in my education. The Fermilab cosmic ray detector system gives high school students the opportunity..."


Ty Fredriks

"I am a brand new Physics teacher. I have had a complete career outside of teaching, and I have taught subjects other than Physics. This upcoming teaching challenge was going to be a brand new opportunity for me. New opportunities require new experiences. QuarkNet and SCIPP provided those experiences. Until this workshop, Cosmic Rays..."


Tom Woosnam

"This is my first year of involvement with Quarknet and SCIPP and the week I spent in Santa Cruz was primarily a great exercise in trouble shooting as only one of the three detectors 'worked'. Whereas I got an introduction to the theory and logistics of operation (as well as fascinating physics lectures from the faculty) there was no time to do a muon lifetime study which would be how..."


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