Physics 217
Fall 2013
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
University of California at Santa Cruz
TTh 2:00-3:45pm, ISB 231
TEXT: Peskin and Schroeder, Quantum Field Theory
Instructor: Michael Dine
Office: 323 ISB
Phone: (831) 459-3033
Office Hours:
2:00 - 4:00 Wednesday
And by appointment if necessary


Centenary Edition of Reviews of Modern Physics: Article on Quantum Field Theory

Handout on Relativity

Bjorken and Drell on Dirac Equation

Handout: Action for a Relativistic Particle

Handout and Homework Set 1: Quantization of Free Scalar Field

Non-Relativistic Dirac Equation

Handout: Propagator for Free Scalar Field

Lectures on Quantization of the Dirac Field

Lectures on Interacting Fields and the Perturbation Expansion

Notes on Feynman diagram expansion for $\lambda \phi^4$ theory.

Lectures on QED

Homework Assignments