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Intramurals Coed Softball Champions in Fall 1996, Spring 1997, Fall 1997, Fall 1999, Fall 2001, Fall 2004, Fall 2007 and Fall 2008.

Team name: Re-Entry (sponsored by STARS)

Manager: Christopher Beagle (cbeagle@ucsc.edu)

Captain: Eddie Santos (edrsanto@ucsc.edu)

Webmaster: Howard ("Fear the Beard") Haber (haber@scipp.ucsc.edu)

League Commissioner: Kevin ("Skippy") Givens (kdgivens@ucsc.edu)

Events & IM Coordinator: Kathryn Hutchings (khutch@ucsc.edu)

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The spring season ended on June 2, with a 16--10 loss to Brady Bunch in the quarter-finals. Despite the disappointing outcome, we can still take pride in a superb season of seven victories against one defeat, and an inspiring comeback in the final game to overcome a six run deficit (taking the lead by one run in the bottom of the 5th before falling short in the final two innings).

Have a great summer! We look forward to seeing many of you back in the fall to make another run for the championship T-shirts!

Check out the team photos and pictures taken from the biannual team pizza party at Tony & Alba's, which are now posted here.

Fall 2010 Coed Softball Team

The Spring 2011 Coed Softball Re-Entry Team

back row standing (from left to right): Eddie, Chris, A.J., Rob, Andy, Erica and Kaila

front row kneeling (from left to right): Omar, Howie, Clara, Laura and Lilly

not shown: Christina

Next Game

The next game will take place in October, 2011 when the coed intramural softball season resumes in the fall.

Line scores from the playoffs

Line scores from all 2011 spring season regular season and playoff games can be found here.

Playoff Game (quarter-final): Re-Entry vs. Brady Bunch

Brady Bunch 6 0 3 0 0 6 1 16
Re-Entry 0 4 2 3 1 0 0 10

In a rematch of the fall playoffs, Re-Entry came up short once again as Brady Bunch earned a ticket to the semi-finals. However, unlike the fall playoffs, Re-Entry didn't go down without a fight. Despite being six runs down before their first at bats, Re-Entry staged a spirited comeback. Omar jumpstarted the team offense in the second inning with a two-run homerun. When Andy hit a lined shot over the center fielder's head with two runners aboard for a homerun to tie the game at 9--9 all in the bottom of the 4th, the comeback was complete. In the top of the 5th inning, Chris subbing for Howie at shortstop made a scintillating over the shoulder (back to home plate) catch of a flare (called a "Texas leaguer" when I was growing up) in short left field to end the Brady Bunch threat and maintain the tie score. In the bottom of the 5th inning, with the bases loaded and one out, Eddie hit a hot ground ball up the middle. Our good friend Rachel (the Brady Bunch shortstop) displayed her impressive range by cutting off the ball before it reached center field and recording the force-out at second base with an accurate throw. A run scored on the play and suddenly Re-Entry had its first lead.

However, that was the last rally that Re-Entry could muster. Sadly, the wheels came off in the top of the 6th inning. A few errant defensive plays by Re-Entry opened up the floodgates, and Brady Bunch took full advantage. They put up their second six spot of the game, and Re-Entry was unable to recover. With no further clutch hits left in the tank, Re-Entry suffered its first defeat in an otherwise perfect season. Unfortunately, at this time of year, one defeat is all it takes and your season is over.

Brady Bunch was clearly the most talented team that Re-Entry faced all year. Nevertheless, apart from a few unfortunate glitches in the field (which could have been avoided on a better day), Re-Entry competed well and might have been able to pull this one out with a little tighter defense and a few more timely hits. Nevertheless, we put a scare into Brady Bunch (who had not been seriously challenged all season). Being able to fight back from a six run deficit and take the lead after five innings is something we can be proud of.

A few notable items concerning the quarter-final game not mentioned above. The web gem belongs to Andy who chased down a line drive hit over his head in center field and caught it on the dead run. Lilly at third base had to deal with two screaming line drives ("seeds" as the Giant announcers would call it). In both cases, she managed to get her glove on the batted ball. But due to the ferocity of the line drives, in both cases the ball bounced hard off her glove onto the ground. On the initial line drive, Lilly was able to pick the ball up and throw the runner out at first. She wasn't as fortunate on the second line drive, which was ruled a hit by the official scorer. Nevertheless, she gets high marks for courage under fire! Howie had three singles in three at bats (after beating out an infield hit in his final at bat) to complete a perfect 7 for 7 playoff run and a 14 consecutive hit streak. Together with a 20 for 21 regular season, his final batting average of .964 sets an all time Re-Entry season record. Kudos in part to our great team pitchers, Eddie and Chris, who played critical roles in providing hittable pitches for all of the Re-Entry hitters.

Playoff Game (round of 16): Re-Entry vs. Juiced Up

Re-Entry 2 5 2 3 1 0 0 13
Juiced Up 2 0 2 0 0 5 2 11

In the first round of the spring 2011 playoffs, Re-Entry faced Juiced-Up, the second place team from Division VIII. For the first five innings, the Re-Entry bats were hot, with many well placed line drives, resulting in a nine run lead. Re-Entry protected the lead with solid defense, which included an inning ending 6 (unassisted)--3 double play with the bases loaded to kill a Juiced Up rally in the third inning, and a nice catch by Erica in right field with runners on second and third to end another Juiced Up threat. When Eddie slugged a line drive home run over the head of the left fielder (just beating the relay throw from the outfield), the 13--4 lead seemed comfortable.

However, a controversial interference call later in the fifth inning (turning a one out bases loaded situation into two outs with runners on first and second) helped snuff out a potential Re-Entry rally. After that, the Re-Entry hitting lost much of its sting, and an opportunity was missed to put our opponents away. In addition, with some shaky defense the final two innings, Re-Entry lead was suddenly at risk. Juiced Up took full advantage, and to their credit pushed across five runs in the bottom of the 6th inning. With runners on second and third, Juiced Up was threatening to erase the earlier nine run deficit. The next batter produced a short bunt-like hit, which Laura fielded in front of home plate. With no chance to gun down the runner at first base, Laura noticed the runner from third heading home and alertly returned to the plate to cut down the runner trying to score for the third out of the inning. But, the game was still in the balance when Juiced Up scored two more runs in the 7th inning and put two runners on base when yours truly was unable to convert the final ground ball out. In perhaps the most critical call of the game, the next batter blooped a single to short center field that was called back on a low pitch. On the very next pitch, the Juiced Up batter hit a towering pop-up to the first baseman, and Rob squeezed the glove with the third out, preserving the Re-Entry 13--11 win.

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Spring 2011 Re-Entry coed team softball roster

Christopher Beagle OF
Lilly David 3B, 1B, OF
Rob Fairlie 1B, SS, 3B
Erica Gardner OF, C, 2B, 1B
Howie Haber SS
Andy Kuhl OF
Clara Lillig-Wilshire 2B, 1B, C
Omar Moreno 3B, SS, OF
Christina Powell OF, C
Laura Sanchez 2B, 3B, C
Eddie Santos OF, 3B
A.J. (Alex) Troup OF
Kaila Walters OF

Schedule of softball games

Spring 2011 Division III Coed Softball Schedule

DateTime Field OpponentScore
April 13 5 pm 1 Los Educadores Postponed
April 20 5 pm --- BYE ---
April 27 5 pm 2 Hammered Slammers 11--4 (W)
May 4 5 pm 3 Haters gonna hate 12--8 (W)
May 11 5 pm 3 OPHERS 14--12 (W)
May 18 5 pm 2 Dream Crushers 24--2 (W)
May 21 1 pm 1 Los Educadores 10--8 (W)
May 25 5 pm 1 Staff Infection 28--2 (W)
Round of 16 June 1 5 pm 3 Juiced Up 13--11 (W)
Quarter-finalsJune 2 5 pm 1 Brady Bunch 10--16 (L)

Division III Coed Softball League Standings

Team Won Lost Games Behind
**Re-Entry 6 0 --
*Los Educadores 4 1 1 1/2
Haters gonna hate 4 2 2
OPHERS 2 3 3 1/2
Hammered Slammers 1 3 4
Dream Crushers 1 4 4 1/2
Staff Infection 0 5 5 1/2
**clinched first place and a playoff berth.
*clinched second place and a playoff berth.
The top two teams of each division qualify for the playoffs.

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Division III Coed Softball Results

April 13

Re-Entry   vs.   Los Educadores (rescheduled for May 21)
Haters gonna hate 12     Dream Crushers 3
Hammered Slammers 11     Staff Infection 5

April 20

Staff Infection   vs.   Los Educadores   canceled due to rain
OPHERS   vs.   Haters gonna hate   (rescheduled for May 21)
Hammered Slammers   vs.   Dream Crushers   canceled due to rain
Re-Entry has a BYE.

April 27

Re-Entry 11     Hammered Slammers 4
OPHERS 15     Dream Crushers 14
Haters gonna hate 24     Staff Infection 10
Los Educadores has a BYE.

May 4

Re-Entry 12     Haters gonna hate 8
OPHERS 21     Staff Infection 15
Los Educadores 21     Hammered Slammers 3
Dream Crushers has a BYE.

May 11

Re-Entry 14     OPHERS 12
Los Educadores 8     Haters gonna hate 4
Dream Crushers 9     Staff Infection 8
Hammered Slammers has a BYE.

May 18

Re-Entry 24     Dream Crushers 2
Los Educadores 12     OPHERS 9
Haters gonna hate 11     Hammered Slammers 4
Staff Infection has a BYE.

May 21 (make-up games)

Re-Entry 10     Los Educadores 8
Haters gonna hate 13     OPHERS 11

May 25

Re-Entry 28     Staff Infection 2
Los Educadores wins by forfeit over Dream Crushers
OPHERS   vs.   Hammered Slammers (double forfeit)
Haters gonna hate has a BYE.

Results of the Coed Softball Playoffs

June 1---Playoffs (round of 16)

Re-Entry 13     Juiced Up 11
Brady Bunch 15     Winning 1
Cup Check 15     Los Educadores 9
The Midnight Turtles 9     Tremendous Turtles 8
Where my Pitches at 30     Slugbillies 10
The Inglorious Batters 11     Theta Chi 10
The Chiefs 19     Free Barry 18
The Backyard Bangers 12     Ginyu Force 8

June 2---Playoffs (quarter-finals)

Brady Bunch 16     Re-Entry 10
The Inglorious Batters 12     Where my Pitches at 10
The Backyard Bangers 9     The Chiefs 8
Cup Check 6     The Midnight Turtles 5

June 3 (4 pm)---Playoffs (semi-finals)

The Backyard Bangers 10     The Inglorious Batters 3
Brady Bunch 8     Cup Check 3

June 3 (5:30 pm)---Playoffs (Championship game)

The Backyard Bangers 12     Brady Bunch 9

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Location of the Softball Fields

All fields are adjacent to the East Field House. The field closest to the swimming pool is Field 1 (for another view click here). Follow the running track in the direction of Monterey Bay to reach Field 2. Keep following the track as it turns, and you will then end up at Field 3, which is the furthest of the three softball fields from the Field House.

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Fall 2010 Coed Softball Team

The Fall 2010 Coed Softball Re-Entry Team

back row standing (from left to right): Clara, Eddie, Ernesto, Andy, Erica, Patrick, David and Chris

front row kneeling (from left to right): Christina, Howie, Jennifer, Renee and Lilly

not shown: Rob

Coed team photos from previous seasons

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Championship photo of the fall 2001 Re-Entry coed team

Coed team web pages from previous seasons

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Open softball team web pages from previous seasons

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Spring 2004 open team web page                         Spring 2003 open team web page                         Spring 2002 open team web page

Note: Open intramural softball was discontinued at UCSC after the 2005 season.

The championship teams of the late 1990s

Description of the Re-Entry coed championships of Fall 1996, Spring 1997 and Fall 1997, and the Re-Entry open championship of Spring 1998.

and two pictures of the 1998 Re-Entry open championship game winning softball ( first view and second view).

First coed championship of the Astronomy/Physics team
(prior to the merger with Re-Entry)

Fall 1992 Coed-Intramural Champions following a dramatic 6--5 victory on December 4, 1992.

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