SCIPP PREPRINTS, 1997-2020

      University of California
      Santa Cruz, CA 95064

When the SCIPP number is highlighted, clicking on it will bring up either a PDF file. If a paper is listed in the Los Alamos Archive, clicking will bring up a postscript file. For a list of preprints 1981 - 1998, click here for a pdf file. If you have questions or are looking for a preprint which is not available from this web page, please contact contact the webmaster . Please note: If you are a SCIPPer, please include, "This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy grant number DE-SC0010107." or the equivalent, in all publications when appropriate.


SCIPP 20/04 The exceptional region of the 2HDM parameter space, Howard E. Haber and Joao P. Silva
SCIPP 20/03 A natural mechanism for Approximate Higgs alignment in the 2HDM, Andreas Ekstedt, Patrick Draper, and Howard E. Haber
SCIPP 20/02 Obstacles to Constructing de Sitter Space in String Theory, Michael Dine, Jamie A. P. Law-Smith, Shijun Sun, Duncan Wood, and Yan Yu
SCIPP 20/01 Comments on Axions, Domain Walls, and Cosmic Strings, Michael Dine, Nicolas Fernandez, Akshay Ghalsasi and Hiren Patel


SCIPP 19/01 Basis-independent treatment of the C2HDM, Rafael Boto, Tiago V.~Fernandes, Howard E. Haber, Jorge C. Romao and Joao P. Silva.


SCIPP 18/07 Stability, reheating and leptogenesis, Djuna Croon, Nicolas Fernandez, David McKeen and Graham White
SCIPP 18/06 Multi-Higgs doublet models with fermions, Miguel P. Bento, Howard E. Haberb,J. C. Romao, and Joao P. Silva
SCIPP 18/05 Looking for scalar resonances at the LHC, Bohdan Grzadkowski, Howard E. Haber, Odd Magne Ogreid, and Per Osland
SCIPP 18/04 Symmetries and Mass Degeneracies in the Scalar Sector, Howard E. Haber, O.M. Ogreid, P. Osland, and M. N. Rebelo
SCIPP 18/03 Approximate Higgs alignment without decoupling, Howard Haber. Contribution to the Proceedings of the 53th Rencontres de Moriond, QCD Session, 17--24 March 2018.
SCIPP 18/02 Remarks on the Debye Length and the Topological Susceptibilty in Non-Abelian Gauge Theory, M. Dine and Di Xu
SCIPP 18/01 Some Remarks on Anthropic Approaches to the Strong CP Problem, M. Dine, L. Stephenson Haskins, L. Ubaldi, and D. Xu


SCIPP 17/12 Dark Matter Freeze-in Production in Fast-Expanding Universes,Francesco D'Eramo (Dipartimento di Fisica ed Astronomia, Universita di Padova & INFN) Nicolas Fernandez (UCSC, SCIPP) , and Stefano Profumo (UCSC, SCIPP)
SCIPP 17/11 TBA, Howard E. Haber and Laurel Stephenson-Haskins
SCIPP 17/10 Sum rules and unitarity bounds in multi-Higgs doublet models, Miguel P. Bento, Howard E. Haber, J. C. Romao, and Joao P. Silva
SCIPP 17/09 The Impact of Two-Loop Effects on the Scenario of MSSM Higgs Alignment without Decoupling , Howard E. Haber, Sven Heinemeyer, and Tim Stefaniak
SCIPP 17/08 The Not-So-Well Tempered Neutralino, Stefano Profumo, Tim Stefaniak, and Laurel Stephenson-Haskins
SCIPP 17/07 Status of the Charged Higgs Boson in Two Higgs Doublet Models, Alexandre Arbey, Farvah Mahmoudi, Oscar Stål and Tim Stefaniak
SCIPP 17/06 Axions, Instantons, and the Lattice, Michael Dine, Patrick Draper, Laurel Stephenson-Haskins, and Di Xu
SCIPP 17/05 On the Completeness of Vector Portal Theories: New Insights into the Dark Sector and Interplay with Higgs Physics, Yanou Cui, and Francesco D'Eramo
SCIPP 17/04 Saxion Cosmology for Thermalized Gravitino Dark Matter, Raymond T. Co, Francesco D’Eramo, Lawrence J. Hall, and Keisuke Harigaya
SCIPP 17/03 The Waning of the WIMP? A Review of Models, Searches, and Constraints, and Stefano Profumo
SCIPP 17/02 When the Universe Expands Too Fast: Relentless Dark Matter,Francesco D’Eramo, Nicolas Fernandez, and Stefano Profumo
SCIPP 17/01 Probing Leptophilic Dark Sectors with Hadronic Processes,Francesco D’Eramo, Bradley J. Kavanagh, and Paolo Panci
SCIPP 17/00 High scale flavor alignment in two-Higgs doublet models and its phenomenology, Stefania Gori, Howard E. Haber, and Edward Santos.


SCIPP 16/13 Gravitino or Axino Dark Matter with Reheat Temperature as high as 10^16 GeV, Raymond T. Co, Francesco D'Eramo, and Lawrence Hall
SCIPP 16/12 Alignment without Decoupling: the Portal to Light Dark Matter in the MSSM, Stefano Profumo, and Tim Stefaniak
SCIPP 16/11 Handbook of LHC Higgs cross sections: 4. Deciphering the nature of the Higgs sector, by the LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group (C. Anastasiou et al. (eds.)).
SCIPP 16/10 The Light and Heavy Higgs Interpretation of the MSSM, Philip Bechtle, Howard E. Haber, Sven Heinemeyer, Oscar Stål, Tim Stefaniak, Georg R. Weiglein, and Lisa Zeune
SCIPP 16/09 Monodromy in QCD at large $N$: $\theta$ and the $\eta^\prime$, M. Dine, Laurel Stephenson-Haskins and Di Xu
SCIPP 16/08 Perturbation Theory in Supersymmetric QED: Infrared Divergences and Gauge Invariance, M. Dine, P. Draper, H. Haber, and Laurel Stephenson-Haskins
SCIPP 16/07 You can hide but you have to run: direct detection with vector mediators, Francesco D'Eramo, Bradley J. Kavanagh, and Paolo Panci
SCIPP 16/06 TBA, Howard Haber, Patrick Draper, and Josh Ruderman
SCIPP 16/05 SaxiGUTs and their Predictions, Raymond T. Co, Francesco D'Eramo, and Lawrence J. Hall
SCIPP 16/04 Dark Matter Inelastic Up-Scattering with the Interstellar Plasma: An Exciting New Source of X-Ray Lines, including at 3.5 keV, Francesco D'Eramo, Kevin Hambleton, Stefano Profumo, and Tim Stefaniak
SCIPP 16/03 LHC Benchmark Scenarios for the Real Higgs Singlet Extension of the Standard Model, Tania Robens and Tim Stefaniak
SCIPP 16/02 A 750 GeV Portal: LHC Phenomenology and Dark Matter Candidates , Francesco D'Eramo, Jordy de Vries, and Paolo Panci
SCIPP 16/01 Light Stop Mass Limits from Higgs Rate Measurements in the MSSM: Is MSSM Electroweak Baryogenesis Still Alive After All?,  Stefan Liebler (DESY), Stefano Profumo, and Tim Stefaniak 


SCIPP 15/15 Classical and Quantum Stability in Putative Landscapes, M. Dine
SCIPP 15/14 Constraints on Light Dark Matter from Single-Photon Decays of Heavy Quarkonium, Nicolas Fernandez (UCSC, SCIPP) Ilsoo Seong (University of Hawaii at Manoa) Patrick Stengel (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
SCIPP 15/13 Scrutinizing the Alignment Limit in Two-Higgs-Doublet Models: Part 2: $m_H=125$~GeV, Jeremy Bernon, John F. Gunion, Howard E. Haber, Yun Jiang and Sabine Kraml
SCIPP 15/12
Naturalness and a SM-like Higgs boson in the NMSSM, Marcela Carena, Howard E. Haber, Ian Low, Nausheen R. Shah, and Carlos E.~M.~Wagner

SCIPP 15/11 TBA, H.E. Haber, Patrick Draper and Josh Ruderman
SCIPP 15/10 LHC Benchmarks for the CP-Conserving Two-higgs Doublet Model, H.E. Haber and O. Stal
SCIPP 15/09 TBA, H.E. Haber and Laura Fava
SCIPP 15/08 Scrutinizing the Alignment Limit in Two-Higgs-Doublet Models , Jeremy Bernon, John F. Gunion, Howard E. Haber, Yun Jiang and Sabine Kraml
SCIPP 15/07 Preserving the validity of the Two-Higgs Doublet Model up to the Planck scale, Pedro Ferreira, Howard E. Haber and Edward Santos
SCIPP 15/06 TBA, William Shepherd.
SCIPP 15/05 Exclusion Likelihoods from LHC Non-Standard Higgs to Tau Tau Searches in General Extended Higgs Sectors, Philip Bechtle, Sven Heinemeyer, Oscar Stål, Tim Stefaniak, Georg Weiglein
SCIPP 15/04 Spontaneous CP Violation and the Strong CP Problem, Michael Dine and Patrick Draper [University of California, Santa Barbara]
SCIPP 15/03 Tunneling in Theories with Many Fields, Michael Dine and Sonia Paban [University of Texas]
SCIPP 15/02 Status of the Higgs Singlet Extension of the Standard Model after LHC Run 1, Tania Robens (TU Dresden) , Tim Stefaniak (SCIPP)
SCIPP 15/01 TBA, William Shepherd, Matthew Cahill-Rowley, Sonia El Hadri, Devin G. E. Walker


SCIPP 14/17 Perturbative Unitarity Constraints on Gauge Portals, Sonia El Hadri, William Shepherd, Devin G. E. Walker
SCIPP 14/16 Complementarity Between Non-Standard Higgs Searches  and Precision Higgs Measurements in the MSSM, Marcela Carena, Howard E. Haber, Ian Low,  Nausheen R. Shah and Carlos E.M. Wagner
SCIPP 14/15 Naturalness Under Stress, Michael Dine
SCIPP 14/14 Instanton Effects in Three Flavor QCD, Michael Dine, Patrick Draper and Guido Festuccia.
SCIPP 14/13 Impact of LSP Character on Slepton Reach at the LHC, Jonathan Eckel, Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf, William Shepherd, Shufang Su arXiv:1408.2841 [pdf, other]
SCIPP 14/12
Searching for Dark Matter at Hadron Colliders Andrew Askew, Sushil Chauhan, Bjorn Penning, William Shepherd, Mani Tripathi arXiv:1406.5662 [pdf, other]
SCIPP 14/11 Hybrid Inflation with Planck Scale Fields, Michael Dine and Laurel Stephenson-Haskins
SCIPP 14/10 Monodromy Inflation in Supersymmetric QCD, Michael Dine, Patrick Draper, others TBD
SCIPP 14/09 Gravitino Dark Matter constraints on models with Flavor Symmetries, Angelo Monteux, Eric Carlson and Jonathan Cornell

SCIPP 14/08Tagging Boosted Ws with Wavelets, William Shepherd, Vikram Rentala and Tim Tait
SCIPP 14/07
Dark Matter in Minimal Universal Extra Dimensions with a Stable Vacuum and the "Right" Higgs ,
Jonathan M. Cornell, Stefano Profumo, William Shepherd
(arXiv:1401.7050) [pdf, other]
SCIPP 14/06
New Physics Contributions to the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment,
Farinaldo S. Queiroz, William Shepherd
(arXiv:1403.2309) [pdf, other]
SCIPP 14/05 The Effective Hooperon, Alexandre Alves, Stefano Profumo, Farinaldo S. Queiroz, William Shepherd (arXiv:1403.5027) [pdf, other]
SCIPP 14/04 Non-Decoupled Supersymmetric Field Theories, Lorenzo Di Pietro, Michael Dine, and Zohar Kmargodski


SCIPP 13/20
Kinetic Decoupling and Small-Scale Structure in Effective Theories of Dark Matter
Jonathan M. Cornell, Stefano Profumo, William Shepherd (arXiv:1305.4676 )[pdf, other]
SCIPP 13/19
The Pitfalls of Dark Crossings
Stefano Profumo, William Shepherd, Tim Tait (arXiv:1307.6277 )[pdf, other]
SCIPP 13/18
Searching for dark matter at LHC with Mono-Higgs production
Alexey A. Petrov, William Shepherd (arXiv:1311.1511 )[pdf, ps, other]
SCIPP 13/17
The Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment in the Reduced Minimal 3-3-1 Model
Chris Kelso, P.R.D. Pinheiro, Farinaldo S. Queiroz, William Shepherd (arXiv:1312.0051 )[pdf, other]
SCIPP 13/16
Proton Decay at $M_{pl}$ and the Scale of SUSY-Breaking
Michael Dine, Patrick Draper, William Shepherd
(arXiv:1308.0274) [pdf, other]

SCIPP 13/15 The Decoupling and Alignment Limits of the General Two-Higgs Doublet Model, H.E. Haber
SCIPP 13/14 Anomaly Mediation in Local Effective Theories, Michael Dine and Patrick Draper
SCIPP 13/13 Initial Results of a Silicon Sensor Irradiation Study for
ILC Extreme Forward Calorimetry,
Bruce Schumm et al.
SCIPP 13/12 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 13/11 Holographic Space-time, Unitarity and Information Loss, Tom Banks and Willy Fischler
SCIPP 13/10 The Membrane Paradigm and Firewalls, Tom Banks, Willy Fischler, Sandipan Kundu and Juan F. Pedraza
SCIPP 13/08 Natural, R-parity violating supersymmetry and horizontal flavor symmetries, Angelo Monteux
SCIPP 13/07 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 13/06 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 13/05 Moduli or Not, Milton Bose, Michael Dine, and Patrick Draper
SCIPP 13/04 Decoupling of the Right-handed Neutrino Contribution to the Higgs Mass in Supersymmetric Models, Patrick Draper and Howard Haber
SCIPP 13/03 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 13/02 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 13/01 TBA, Tom Banks


SCIPP 12/17  
SCIPP 12/16 Discrete Symmetries/Discrete Theories, Milton Bose and Michael Dine
SCIPP 12/15 Discrete R Symmetries and Anomalies, Michael Dine and Angelo Monteux
SCIPP 12/14 Mass-degenerate Higgs bosons at 125~GeV in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model, P.M. Ferreira, H.E. Haber, J. Silva and R. Santos
SCIPP 12/13 TBA, Howard Haber
SCIPP 12/12 Gravity Mediation Retrofitted, M. Bose and M. Dine
SCIPP 12/11 TBA, Thomas Banks
SCIPP 12/10
Deformed Bubbles and Lorentz Invariance in Vacuum Decay, Michael Dine, Patrick Draper, and Chang-Soon Park
SCIPP 12/09 TBA, Thomas Banks
SCIPP 12/08 TBA, Thomas Banks
SCIPP 12/07 TBA, Thomas Banks
SCIPP 12/06 TBA, Thomas Banks
SCIPP 12/05  
SCIPP 12/04 Diphotons from Tetraphotons in the Decay of a 125 GeV Higgs at the LHC, Patrick Draper and David McKeen
SCIPP 12/03 A framework for precision 2HDM studies at the ILC and CLIC. Howard Haber
SCIPP 12/02 Charge collection measurements on slim-edge microstrip detectors, Riccardo Mori*, Mara Bruzzi, Matteo Cartiglia, Marc Christophersen, S. Ely, Forest Martinez-McKinney, Bernard Phlips. Hartmut F.-W. Sadrozinski, Senior Member, IEEE, and Vitaliy Fadeyev
SCIPP 12/01 A group-theoretic condition for spontaneous CP violation, Howard E. Haber and Ze'ev Surujon


SCIPP 11/11  
SCIPP 11/10 Measuring the Invisible Higgs Width at the 7 TeV LHC, Yang Bai, Patrick Draper, and Jessie Shelton
SCIPP 11/09 Implications of a 125 GeV Higgs for the MSSM and Low-Scale SUSY Breaking, Patrick Draper, Patrick Meade, Matthew Reece, and David Shih
SCIPP 11/08 TBA, Thomas Banks
SCIPP 11/07 The 7 TeV Reach for the MSSM Higgs Sector, M. Carena, P. Draper, T. Liu and C.E.M. Wagner
SCIPP 11/06 Fundamentals of LHC Experiments, Jason Nielsen
SCIPP 11/05  
SCIPP 11/04Constraints on Direct Gauge Mediation Models with Complex Representations, Kentaro Hanaki, Masahiro Ibe, Yutaka Ookouchi and Chang-Soon Park  
SCIPP 11/03Supersymmetric QCD: Exact Results and Strong Coupling, Michael Dine, Guido Festuccia, Lawrence Pack, Chang-Soon Park, Lorenzo Ubaldi and Weitao Wu
SCIPP 11/02 Constraining Selectron LSP Scenarios with Tevatron Trilepton Searches, H.K. Dreiner, S. Grab, and T. Stefaniak
SCIPP 11/01 Discovery Potential of Selectron or Smuon as the Lightest Supersymmetric Particle at the LHC, H.K. Dreiner, Sebastian Grab, and T. Stefaniak


SCIPP 10/20 Spatially Modulated Phase in Holographic Quark-Gluon Plasma, Hirosi Ooguri, Chang-Soon Park
SCIPP 10/19 Light Stop Searches at the LHC in Events with two b-Jets and Missing Energy, S. Bornhauser, M. Drees, Sebastian Grab, and J.S. Kim
SCIPP 10/18 TBA, Howard Haber
SCIPP 10/17 TBA, Howard Haber
SCIPP 10/16 Supersymmetric Monojets at the Large Hadron Collider, Benjamin C. Allanach, Sebastian Grab and Howard Haber
SCIPP 10/15 Geometric picture of generalized-CP and Higgs-family transformations in the two-Higgs-doublet model, P.M. Ferreira, H.E. Haber, M. Maniatis, O. Nachtmann and J.P. Silva
SCIPP 10/14 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 10/13 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 10/12 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 10/11 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 10/10 B Meson Radiative Effective Neutral Current (`Penguin') Transition Rates, Bruce Schumm (
SCIPP 10/09 Stau as the Lightest Supersymmetric Particle in R-Parity Violating SUSY Models: Discovery Potential with Early LHC Data, Herbi K. Dreiner, Klaus Desch, Sebastian Fleischmann, Peter Wienemann and Sebastian Grab (
SCIPP 10/08 TBA, Michael Dine
SCIPP 10/07 TBA, Michael Dine
SCIPP 10/06 Occupancies in the ATLAS Upgrade ID, Alex Bogert, Jason Nielsen, Hartmut F.-W. Sadrozinski
SCIPP 10/05 Developments in Readout for Silicon Microstrip Sensors at a Linear Collider Detector,
Jerome Carman, Kelsey Collier, Sean Crosby, Vitaliy Fadeyev, Bruce A. Schumm, and Ned Spencer
SCIPP 10/04 Reliable Semiclassical Computations in QCD, Michael Dine, Guido Festuccia, Lawrence Pack, Weitao Wu (
SCIPP 10/03 Relating Occupancy to Fluence in the ATLAS Upgrade ID, Hartmut F.-W. Sadrozinski
SCIPP 10/02 Bounds on R--parity Violating Couplings at the Grand Unification Scale
from Neutrino Masses
, Herbert Dreiner and Sebastian Grab (
SCIPP 10/01 Basis invariant conditions for supersymmetry in the two-Higgs-doublet model, P.M. Ferreira, Howard E. Haber, Joao P. Silva (


SCIPP 09/18 TBA, Howard Haber
SCIPP 09/17 TBA, Howard Haber
SCIPP 09/16 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 09/15 The Regge Limit for Green Functions in Conformal Field Theory, Tom Banks and Guido Festuccia (
SCIPP 09/14 A bound on the Superpotential, Michael Dine, Guido Festuccia and Zohar Komargodski (
SCIPP 09/13 Note on the pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone Boson of Meta-stable SUSY Violation, Tom Banks and Howard E. Haber
SCIPP 09/12 Discrete R Symmetries and Low Energy Supersymmetry, M. Dine and John Keheiyas
SCIPP 09/11 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 09/10 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 09/09 Axions in Gauge Mediation, Linda Carpenter, Michael Dine, Guido Festuccia, and Lorenzo Ubaldi
SCIPP 09/08 W/Z+Jet Cross Section Measurements at the Large Hadron Collider, Jason Nielsen
SCIPP 09/07 TBA, Tom Banks
SCIPP 09/06 TBA, Howard Haber and Deva O'Neil
SCIPP 09/05 Dynamics of the PQ Scale, M. Dine
SCIPP 09/04 TBA, Thomas Banks
SCIPP 09/03 Axions and Gauge Mediation, L. Carpenter, M. Dine, G. Festuccia and L. Ubaldi
SCIPP 09/02 Generalized CP symmetries and special regions of parameter space in the two-Higgs-doublet model, P.M. Ferreira, Howard Haber and Joao P. Silva ( )
SCIPP 09/01 Supersymmetry Breaking at Low Energies, Michael Dine (


SCIPP 08/14 Gauge Coupling Unification in the MSSM + 5 Flavors, Jeff L Jones ( )
SCIPP 08/13 TBA, Linda Carpenter
SCIPP 08/12 Effects of theta on the deuteron binding energy and the triple-alpha process, Lorenzo Ubaldi ( )
SCIPP 08/11 A Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization formula for quasinormal frequencies of AdS black holes, Guido Festuccia (
SCIPP 08/10 Extraction of Deep Level Parameters in Irradiated Silicon Detectors, C. Betancourt, G. Alers, N. Dawson, M. Gerling, R. F. Hurley, H. F.-W. Sadrozinski, IEEE, Senior Member, S. Sattari
SCIPP 08/09

Determination of the Charge Collection Efficiency in Neutron Irradiated Silicon Detectors, M. K. Petterson, R. F. Hurley, K. Arya, C. Betancourt, M. Bruzzi, B. Colby, M. Gerling, C. Meyer, J. Pixley, T. Rice, H. F.-W. Sadrozinski, IEEE, Senior Member, M. Scaringella, J. Bernardini, L. Borrello, F. Fiori, A. Messineo

SCIPP 08/08 Two-component spinor techniques and Feynman rules for quantum field theory and supersymmetry, Herbi K. Dreiner, Howard E. Haber and Stephen P. Martin ( )
SCIPP 08/07 TBA, Linda Carpenter
SCIPP 08/06 Symmetric Points in the Landscape as Cosmological Attractors , Michael Dine, Guido Festucicia and Alexander Morisse
SCIPP 08/05 Charge Collection Efficiency and its Annealing in Silicon Detectors irradiated by Pions, Protons, and Neutrons, R. F. Hurley, B. Colby, C. Betancourt, G. Bredeson, N. Dawson, V. Fadeyev, M. Gerling, P. Maddock, C. Meyer, J. Pixley, T. Rice, H. F.-W. Sadrozinski, A. Tolpygo
SCIPP 08/04 Implementing General Gauge Mediation, Linda Carpenter, Guido Festuccia, Michael Dine and John D. Mason
SCIPP 08/03 Title TBA, Linda Carpenter
SCIPP 08/02 Title TBA, Linda Carpenter
SCIPP 08/01 Supersymmetric top-Yukawa corrections to the b b-bar decay rate in the decoupling limit , Howard E. Haber, Heather E. Logan, Siannah Penaranda and David Temes


SCIPP 07/19 Single Top Quark Production at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider; Part of the International Conference on Hadron Structure (HS 07), Modra-Harmonia, Slovakia, 3-7 Sep 2007. Jovan Mitrevski ( )
SCIPP 07/18 Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking and Low Energy Gauge Mediation. M. Dine and J. Mason.
SCIPP 07/17 Metastable Domains of the Landscape. M. Dine, G. Festuccia, Alex Morisse, and Korneel van den Broek (the last author is a student of Tom Banks at Rutgers).
SCIPP 07/16 Enhanced Radiative Corrections to Supersymmetric Relations: The Charginos and Neutralinos. Howard E. Haber and John D. Mason ( ) ( Phys.Rev. D77, 115011 (2008))
SCIPP 07/15 Search for Standard Model Higgs Bosuns Produced in Association with W Bosons. CDF Collaboration
SCIPP 07/14 Simulation of an All-Silicon Tracker. Chris Meyer, Tyler Rice, Lori Stevens, Bruce A. Schumm
SCIPP 07/13 Embedding the Pentagon. T. Banks, S. Echols, J. Jones.
SCIPP 07/12 Tevatron searches for Higgs bosons beyond the standard model. J. Nielson (representing the CDF and D0 collaborations)
SCIPP 07/11

Charge Collection and Capacitance-Voltage analysis in irradiated n-type magnetic Czochralski silicon detectors. M. K. Petterson, H.F.-W. Sadrozinski, C. Betancourt, M. Bruzzi, M. Scaringella, C. Tosi, A. Macchiolo, N. Manna, D. Creanza, M. Boscardin, C. Piemonte, N. Zorzi, L. Borrello, A. Messineo, G. F. Dalla Betta

SCIPP 07/10 See-saw mechanism in the sneutrino sector and its consequences. A. Dedes, H. E. Haber, J. Rosiek ( ) (JHEP 0711, 059 (2007))
SCIPP 07/09
Evaluation of the Radiation Tolerance of Several Generations of SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors Under Radiation Exposure. J. Metcalfe, D. E. Dorfan, A. A. Grillo, A. Jones, F. Martinez-McKinney, P. Mekhedjian, M. Mendoza, H. F. –W. Sadrozinski, G. Saffier-Ewing, A. Seiden, E. Spencer, M. Wilder, R. Hackenburg, J. Kierstead, S. Rescia, J. D. Cressler, G. Prakash, A. Sutton.
SCIPP 07/08

Total Dose Dependence of Oxide Charge, Interstrip Capacitance and Breakdown Behavior of sLHC Prototype Silicon Strip Detectors and Test Structures of the SMART Collaboration. H. F.-W. Sadrozinski * , C. Betancourt, R. Heffern, I. Henderson, J. Pixley, A. Polyakov, M. Wilder, M. Boscardin, C. Piemonte, A. Pozza, and N. Zorzi, G.-F. Dalla Betta, G. Resta, M. Bruzzi, A. Macchiolo, L. Borrello, A. Messineo, D. Creanza, N. Manna

SCIPP 07/07

Charge collection measurements with p-type Magnetic Czochralski Silicon single pad detectors. C. Tosi, M. Bruzzi, A. Macchiolo, M. Scaringella, M. K. Petterson, H.F.-W. Sadrozinski, C. Betancourt, N. Manna, D. Creanza, M. Boscardin, C. Piemonte, N. Zorzi, L. Borrello, A. Messineo

SCIPP 07/06

Extraction of Doping Density Distributions from C-V Curves. H.F.-W. Sadrozinski

SCIPP 07/05

Comparing radiation tolerant materials and devices for ultra rad-hard tracking detectors. M. Bruzzi, H.F.-W. Sadrozinski, A. Seiden

SCIPP 07/04

Expected leakage current for the ATLAS Upgrade Si detectors. C. Betancourt, M. K. Petterson, H.F.-W. Sadrozinski, M. Bruzzi

SCIPP 07/03

Charge Collection Measurements in single-type column 3D Sensors. M. Scaringella*, A. Polyakov, H. F.-W. Sadrozinski, M. Bruzzi, C. Tosi, M. Boscardin, C. Piemonte, A. Pozza, S. Ronchin, and N. Zorzi

SCIPP 07/02 Tracking the ILC: Why silicon tracking is best and how it might be optimized. B. Schumm
SCIPP 07/01

Evidence for D0 anti - D0 mixing. BaBar Collaboration.


SCIPP 06/18 Mass estimate of black hole candidates GRS 1758-258 and GX 339-4 based on a transtion layer model of the accretion disk and a search for x-ray jets in GRS 1758-258. N. Bezayiff
SCIPP 06/17

A search for direct violation in two-body cabbibo suppressed decays of neutral charmed mesons. C.J. Flacco

SCIPP 06/16

Capacitance-Voltage analysis at different temperatures in heavily irradiated silicon detectors. M. Bruzzi

SCIPP 06/15 Type IIA moduli stabilization with (badly) broken supersymmetry. M. Dine, A. Morisee, A. Shomer, and Z. Sun.
SCIPP 06/14 Quantum Effects in Supergravity Theories. M. Dine, and N. Seiberg (Institute for Advanced Study)
SCIPP 06/13 Gauge Mediation in Metastable Vacua. M. Dine, and J. Mason
SCIPP 06/12 The Neutralino Sector in the U(1)-Extended Supersymmetric Standard Model. S.Y. Choi, H.E. Haber, J. Kalinowski, and P.M. Zerwas. ( ) ( Phys. B778, 85 (2007))
SCIPP 06/11 Info coming soon.
SCIPP 06/10 Baryogenesis, Dark Matter, and the Pentagon, T. Banks, S. Echols, J. L. Jones ( )
SCIPP 06/09 Tracking Study of 200 MeV Protons within a PMMA Phantom. Nate Blumenkrantz
SCIPP 06/08 Proton Radiography Studies for Proton CT. M. Petterson, N. Blumenkrantz, J. Feldt, J. Heimann, D. Lucia, A. Seiden, D. C. Williams, H. F.-W. Sadrozinski, Member, IEEE, V. Bashkirov, R. Schulte, M. Bruzzi, D. Menichelli, M. Scaringella, C. Talamonti, G. A. P. Cirrone,
G. Cuttone, D. Lo Presti, N. Randazzo, V. Sipala
SCIPP 06/07 A Note on Gauge Theories Coupled to Gravity. T. Banks, M. Johnson, A. Shomer.
SCIPP 06/06 Remodeling the Pentagon After The Events of 2/23/06. T. Banks.
SCIPP 06/05 Space-like Singularities and Thermalization. T. Banks and W. Fischler (U. Texas, Austin).
SCIPP 06/04 Prototype Tracking Studies for Proton CT. Nate Blumenkrantz, Jason Feldt, Jason Heimann, Hartmut F.-W. Sadrozinski, et al.
SCIPP 06/03 Gamma Irradiation of sLHC Prototype Silicon Strip Detectors and Test Structures of the SMART Collaboration. H. F.-W. Sadrozinski, C. Betancourt, R. Heffern, I. Henderson, J. Pixley, A. Polyakov, and M. Wilder. (abstract)
SCIPP 06/02 Heavy Moduli Decays and Gravitinos. M. Dine, R. Kitano, A. Morisse, Y. Shirman.
SCIPP 06/01 Basis-independent methods for the two-Higgs-doublet model II. The significance of tan(beta). Howard E. Haber and Deva O'Neil. ( ) ( Phys.Rev. D74, 015018 (2006) [Erratum-ibid. D74, 059905 (2006)])


SCIPP 05/18

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