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>> Study of Angular Reconstruction of Showers with Cores Outside of the Array Boundaries (CYGNUS Memo)4-26-91Gus Sinnis
>> Calculating Upper Limits (CYGNUS Memo) 6-2-92Gus Sinnis
>> Milagro at 10 GeV10-12-93Spencer Klein
>> Results of Reflectivity Measurements for the Muon Layer9-22-94David Schmidt
>> Scaler Implementation in Milagro (this is the final version, despite the "Draft" label)1-27-95 David A. Williams & Richard Schnee
>> Monte Carlo Comparisons 8-28-95Cristobal Padilla & Matteo Cavalli-Sforza
>> Comparisons of EAShower and GEANTShower 3-20-96Anthony Shoup
>> Performance of water Tanks and Igloos 11-26-96Gaurang B. Yodh, Anthony Shoup, Isabel Leonor, Scott Hugenberger & Maurice Masequesmay
>> Status of Milagrito Moon Shadow 3-10-97Anthony Shoup
>> Moon Shadow - Simulation Study 4-7-97Gaurang B. Yodh
>> Milagrito Moon Shadow Update 4-7-97Anthony Shoup
1. A Causality Criteria 5-20-97Todd Haines
2. Grito Fitting6-2-97Jordan Goodman
3. Timing Pedestals 7-7-97Lazar & Roman Fleysher & Peter Nemethy, with Isabel Leonor
4. Igloo Re-Design 7-11-97Gus Sinnis
5. Angle Fits: Max. Likelihood 7-30-97Andy Smith
6. PMT Prepulsing: Hi Threshold Selection 8-11-97Isabel Leonor
7. The Igloo Page 8-11-97Morgan Wascko
8. Milagrito Sim: GEANT 8-19-97Stefan Westerhoff
9. The Tankito Array 8-20-97Anthony Shoup
10. Chi-Squared Angle Fitter 9-3-97Gus Sinnis
11. TOT-PE Conversion 9-18-97Kelin Wang
12. Mrk501: A First Look 9-22-97Gus Sinnis
13. The Moon Memo 10-8-97Anthony Shoup
14. RA-DEC vs x-y shifts 10-6-97Gaurang Yodh
15. The Angle Fitter Revisited 10-30-97Gus Sinnis
16. Pedestals II 11-01-97Lazar & Roman Fleysher & Peter Nemethy
17. Milagrito Simulation 12-05-97Stefan Westerhoff
18. Electronic Drifts 12-10-97Morgan Wascko
19. Effect of the Magnetic Field on the Moon Shadow 12-12-97Gaurang Yodh
20. Igloo Water 12-19-97Hoffman, Miller & Westerhoff
21. Mrk501 Update 12-22-97Andy Smith
22. Pulse Height Resolution of TOT 1-22-98Gus Sinnis
23. Deflection of Cosmic Rays in the Earth's Magnetic Field 2-8-98Cy Hoffman
24. Mrk501 Update 2-9-98Andy Smith
25. Effect of Laser Fluctuations on the Occupancy Method 2-18-98Gus Sinnis
26. Igloo Performance 2-23-98 Richard Miller, Stefan Westerhoff & David Williams
27. PMT Saturation 3-15-98Anthony Shoup
28. Calibration (TOT to PEs) Status 3-23-98Andy Smith
29. Angular Reconstruction: Part III 3-30-98Gus Sinnis
30. TOT-PE Conversion using Occupancy Method 4-22-98Isabel Leonor
31. Index of plots for Phone-Conference 4-22-98Gus Sinnis
32. Pointing with Milagro 5-14-98Lazar & Roman Fleysher & Allen Mincer
33. Milagro Source Counts: Estimating the Number of Detectable XBLs 11-22-98Richard Miller
34. Proposal to Update the Milagro Online System 12-15-98Miguel Morales
35. How are Dec and RA Affected by Errors in Angular Reconstruction? 12-17-98Lazar & Roman Fleysher
36. Angle Fitter 3++ 2-1-99Lazar & Roman Fleysher, Todd Haines & Peter Nemethy
37. Flux Measurements by Air Cerenkov Telescopes 2-19-99Cy Hoffman
38. Resolution Effects on the Slope of the Sin(Theta True) vs. Sin(Theta Reconstructed) Plot 2-22-99David Williams
39. A Simple Algorithm for Hadron Rejection in Milagro 2-24-99Gaurang Yodh & Robert Atkins
40. Milagro Tube Failures 3-3-99Cy Hoffman
41. Tuning the Trigger for Low Energies 3-4-99Todd Haines
42. A Simple Algorithm for Hadron Rejection in Milagro--Addendum 3-7-99Gaurang Yodh & Robert Atkins
43. Gamma/Hadron Separation in Milagro and Milagrito 3-8-99Stefan Westerhoff
44. NQS: Queuing Simulation Jobs on the PCs 3-9-99Julie McEnery
45. An Image Analysis Approach to Analyzing Milagro Data 3-15-99Richard Miller
46. Application of Simple Algorithm for Hadron Rejection to Data 3-16-99Gaurang Yodh & Anthony Shoup
47. Measured Fluxes from the Crab and Markarian 501 and Expectations for Milagrito 3-19-99Cy Hoffman
48. Rate Measurements for Muon Layer Patches 3-19-99Todd Haines
49. Rate Comparison between Milagrito Data and Simulation 3-26-99Stefan Westerhoff
50. Rate Comparison between Milagrito Data and Simulation II 4-15-99Stefan Westerhoff
50.5 Minutes of Milagro Collaboration Meeting, May 2-3, 1999, Los Alamos, NM 5-4-99Galen Gisler
>> An Invitation to Random Functions: A hypothetic lecture on a hypothetic Milagro Seminar 5-7-99Roman Fleysher & Lazar Fleysher
51. Further Analysis of GRB ML0001 5-13-99Gus Sinnis
52. BATSE GRBs in Milagrito 5-16-99Julie McEnery & Andy Smith
53. Some Comments on Statistics of BATSE GRB Type Searches 5-23-99Allen Mincer & Peter Nemethy
54. Moon Memo Part 1: The delta(theta) vs. theta systematic and the Moon Shadow 6-18-99Morgan O. Wascko
55. Search for Point Sources and Emission from the Galactic Plane in Milagrito 7-9-99Andrew J. Smith
56. Minutes of Milagro Collaboration Meeting, July 9-10, 1999, Los Alamos, NM 7-13-99Galen Gisler et al.
57. A preliminary study of flashers and their effect on Milagrito GRB analyses 8-3-99Joseph McCullough & Richard S. Miller
58. Comments on the Recent Memo by Joe and Rich 8-5-99Julie McEnery and Andy Smith
59. Monte Carlo Study of GRB Location Resolution and Optimal Binsize 9-24-99Andrew J. Smith & Julie McEnery
>> Milagrito's Point Spread Function and Mrk 501 (Revision 1) 10-2-99Stefan Westerhoff
>> Searching for Delayed Emission from a GRB: Search Strategies and Trials Factors 10-5-99Gus Sinnis
>> Running Milagro and Milagrito Simulations with GEANT (Version 2.2) 10-27-99Stefan Westerhoff
>> Algorithm for rejection of non-shower hits in Milagro 11-99Gaurang B. Yodh
>> Systematic Errors in "Standard" Background Estimates of Milagro Data 12-14-99T.J. Haines
>> "Likelihood" Method for Gamma-Ray Burst and other Source Searches 12-20-99T.J. Haines
>> Sampling and curvature corrections from Milagro data itself 12-21-99Javier Bussons Gordo
>> Wimp Annihilation in the Solar Neighborhood: a Study of Optimal Bin Size and Comments on Background Methods 1-3-00T.J. Haines
>> Status of the Crab search in the Milagro Data 1-4-00Andrew J. Smith
>> PE and TPed Calibration with the data 1-4-00Andrew J. Smith
>> Algorithm for recovering No-fits in Milagro 1-16-00Gaurang B. Yodh
>> Gamma/Hadron Separation with Neural Networks 1-24-00B. Osborn, D. Wyatt
>> Comments on the Milagro Crab Signal 1-26-00T.J. Haines
>> Analysis of Scaler Data from GRB 970417a 1-31-00David A. Williams
>> Event filtering prior to the core and angle fitters 2-1-00Javier Bussons Gordo
>> New Calibrations and effects of removing bad hits 2-1-00Gaurang B. Yodh
>> The Crab: Milagrito vs. Milagro 2-1-00Gus Sinnis
>> PMT Testing and Night Sky Background Results for WACT 2-2-00Robert Atkins
>> Study of Optimal Bin Size and NFIT Cut for a Binned Analysis 2-3-00Gus Sinnis
>> Note on Removal of the Unwanted Hits in Milagro Events 2-11-00Gus Sinnis
>> Contemplation on Quality Factor 2-12-00Lazar Fleysher & Roman Fleysher
>> Optimal Bin Size vs. Nexp and Nfit Cut for Milagrito 2-15-00J. F. McCullough
>> Flux, fluence and upper energy cutoff for GRB 970417a 2-24-00Julie McEnery & Andrew J. Smith
>> Variable Word Length Compression, Memo #1 2-29-00Miguel Morales
>> Event Energy Determination 3-14-00Gaurang B. Yodh
>> Likelihood Method II: Further Expansion 4-3-00T. J. Haines
>> Tuning the Angle Fitter, Sampling and Curvature Corrections for Milagro 4-3-00; Revised 4-5-00J. F. McCullough & Javier Bussons Gordo
>> Effects on Scaler and Trigger Rates from Physical Interactions with the Cover 4-11-00Linda Kelley and Don Coyne
>> A different way to fix the PMT connector problem 4-13-00Michael Schneider
>> Slewing Extrapolation
(See also related memo of 5-7-99)
4-20-00Lazar Fleysher, Roman Fleysher, Allen Mincer & Peter Nemethy
>> Studies of the Mysterious Late-Night Rate Increase and the Estimation of Backgrounds in Milagro 4-25-00Cy Hoffman & Joe McCullough
>> Milagro Data Integrity I: The Clock
(Also available as a Word Document)
4-25-00Gus Sinnis
>> Time Calibration: Stability Studies 6-5-00Peter Nemethy, Lazar Fleysher & Roman Fleysher
>> Methods of Photo-Electron Calibration 6-19-00 Lazar Fleysher, Roman Fleysher & Todd Haines
>> Manual on using Version 43 of the Offline Code 6-19-00 J. F. McCullough
>> Milagro Calibration System 6-28-00 Lazar Fleysher & Roman Fleysher
>> An Off-Pond Core Finder 7-7-00Greg Sullivan & Andrew Smith
>> Hadron Rejection in Milagro 7-17-00Gus Sinnis
>> A Second Look at the Delta Theta Systematic Effect And The Moon Shadow 8-10-00Morgan O. Wascko
>> Crab Update 8-29-00Andrew J. Smith
>> Motivation For Lowering Milagro's Trigger Threshold 9-9-00Elizabeth Hays & David Noyes
>> Dive Training for Supervisors 9-12-00Gus Sinnis
>> Database - What are those variables? 9-24-00; Revised 9-27-00Julie McEnery
>> A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Background Rejection 10-25-00Gus Sinnis
>> Minutes of the October 2000 Collaboration Meeting 10-30-00Gus Sinnis
>> Transparencies of the October 2000 Collaboration Meeting 11-20-00Brenda Dingus, editor
>> Surveying of Outrigger Tanks 1-31-01Matthew Green & Cy Hoffman
>> Measured Fluxes of the Crab and Mrk 421, and Expectations for Milagro 2-14-01Cy Hoffman
>> Exploring the Effects of Timing Cuts at Low Trigger Thresolds 2-15-01Elizabeth Hays
>> Minutes of the February 2001 Collaboration Meeting 3-1-01Brenda Dingus
>> Milagro Surveys from Ancient to Modern Periods
(Also available as a Tex Document)
3-4-01Allen I. Mincer
>> Attenuation of photons in Milagro using Single Hadrons 4-10-01Gaurang B. Yodh & Anthony Shoup
>> Data and Monte Carlo - PE distributions 4-26-01Julie McEnery
>> Loose notes on Milagro calibration 5-7-01Javier Bussons Gordo
>> Sky Maps, Geomagnetic field and the Moon shadow 5-8-01 Lazar Fleysher & Allen I. Mincer
>> Diurnal Effects and Systematic errors in Background Determination 5-19-01; Revised 5-22-01Roman Fleysher & Peter Nemethy
>> Temperature Dependance of Coaxial Cable Delay 5-21-01Cy Hoffman
>> GRB 970417a and nhit 6-11-01Julie McEnery
>> Some Thoughts on the 100 Tube Trigger Data on Nov 6 1997 6-11-01Julie McEnery
>> Milagro Energy Response 9-10-01Julie McEnery
>> More on NHIT and Energy for GRB970417a 10-1-01Brenda Dingus
>> Analytic Study of Effect of Systematic Errors on Scalar and Shower Comparisons
(Also available as a Word Document)
10-23-01Todd Haines
>> GRB980329 - an interesting 'grito burst 11-10-01Julie McEnery
>> GRB010921 in Milagro 11-20-01Julie McEnery
>> A Core Fitting Algorithm Using the Inner Outriggers 11-27-01Tyce DeYoung
>> Background Rejection for Gamma Ray Bursts 11-28-01Gus Sinnis
>> A Simple Low Threshold Trigger 12-10-01Gus Sinnis
>> The Reading and Layout of MC output (v3.2) 12-20-01Julie McEnery
>> Systematic Uncertainties in Scaler Analyses 1-2-02Julie McEnery
>> Running Monte Carlo Simulations using WACT and Milagro 1-24-02Robert Atkins
>> A proposal to change the Milagro Trigger 3-12-02E. Blaufuss, D. Noyes, E. Hays, J. McEnery, A. Smith, G. Sullivan
>> VME Trigger Card Manual 3-20-02; Revised 12-5-02Erik Blaufuss
>> A Search for Long Duration Emission from AGN 4-12-02Gus Sinnis
>> Transparencies of the Milagro Collaboration Meeting, February 10-11, 2002, Los Alamos, New Mexico 4-17-02Elizabeth Hays, editor
>> Replacement Baffles for Milagro 5-2-02Linda Kelley, Julie McEnery, Michael Schneider & David A. Williams
>> Correction to the Observed Excess due to the Background Estimation Method 7-29-02Gus Sinnis
>> Primer for using CVS at Milagro 8-6-02Erik Blaufuss
>> First Results on Milagro Water Attenuation Using Measurements from the Upgraded TUBE 8-14-02D. Coyne & M. Schneider
>> Galactic Plane: Improved Statistical Power and a Check of Background Offset 12-3-02Peter Nemethy & Roman Fleysher
>> GRB021104, GRB021112, GRB021113: our annual fall outbreak of GRB in Milagro 12-4-02Julie McEnery
>> GRB021211 12-11-02Julie McEnery
>> Zenith Alignment of the Milagro Data 1-29-03Andrew Smith
>> Simple Corefitting with Outriggers 1-29-03Tyce DeYoung
>> Cosmological Corrections and Calculating Intrinsic GRB Limits with Milagro 3-18-03Miguel F. Morales
>> Results of 2 Independent Searches for a Gamma-Ray Signal from the Galactic Plane 3-20-03Erik Blaufuss and Andy Smith
>> Uncertainties in the Time Swapping Background Estimate: Roman's Beta Term 4-23-03James T. Linnemann
>> Transparencies of the March 2003 Collaboration Meeting 4-29-03David Noyes, editor
>> Uncertainties in Weighted Monte Carlo Data 5-27-03R. Ellsworth
>> The Re-re-reconstructed Crab 5-29-03Andy Smith
>> Energy Response, IR Attenuation and AGN Sensitivity 6-19-03Elizabeth Hays
>> Does the Crab Data Agree with the gamma Monte Carlo? 7-14-03J. Linnemann
>> Transparencies of the July 2003 Collaboration Meeting 7-30-03Magdalena Gonzalez, editor
>> Studies of Low Energy Gammas and Event Backgrounds in Milagro 7-31-03Magdalena Gonzalez, Jim Linnemann, David Noyes
>> Laser and Fiber Status in Pre-Repair Timing Calibrations 9-2-03Elizabeth Hays
>> A Quick Comparison of Zenith_Align Methods Using the Crab and Mrk 421 9-4-03Elizabeth Hays
>> Rescaling X2 for data collected between November 9,2002 and May 14, 2003 9-8-03Andy Smith
>> Outrigger Calibration & Use in Reconstruction 11-12-03Anthony Shoup
>> Transparencies of the November 2003 Collaboration Meeting 11-18-03David Williams, editor
>> Measures of Significance in HEP and Astrophysics 12-09-03; Revised 12-12-03James T. Linnemann
>> Comparing Data and Predictions for TeV Candidate BL Lacs 12-18-03Elizabeth Hays & Julie McEnery
>> The Moon, as Seen Through Outriggers Progress Report 1-15-04Anthony Shoup
>> Comparison of Magnetic Deflection Calculations and Study of the Energy Dependence of the Deflection Direction 1-22-04R. W. Ellsworth & A. I. Mincer
>> Medium Burst Search update: Probability Distributions from 6/02--1/04 3-22-04Linda Kelley
>> Compactness for Sources with Non-Crablike Spectra 5-5-04Gus Sinnis
>> An All Sky Search for Extended Gamma-Ray Sources 5-18-04Andy Smith
>> Cosmic Ray Anisotropy: What's in the literature? How does Peter/Roman's fit compare with other Measurements? 5-26-04Brenda Dingus
>> GRB Sensitivity 6-10-04David Noyes
>> Completed Galactic Plane Analysis 6-15-04Peter Nemethy and Roman Fleysher
>> Scaler Data Web Site 9-8-04Angela Marotta
>> An Electronics Simulation and Improved Noise Model for Milagro 9-10-04Andrew Smith
>> gamma-h Separation and MARS 10-7-04; Revised 10-26-04Curtis Lansdell
>> A Note Comparing Two Low-Energy Hadronic Interaction Models for Monte Carlo Simulations 12-6-04Dylan Spaulding
>> The Events: Part 1 Scaler Data 1-7-05Anthony L. Shoup
>> GRB Sensitivity Update 2-4-05David Noyes
>> miniHAWC: A First Step Towards HAWC 2-15-05Gus Sinnis
>> Measuring the Energy Spectrum of a Source with Milagro 2-17-05Gus Sinnis
>> New Gamma-Hadron Separation Technique and Variables in Milagro 2-23-05Aous Abdo
>> Scaler Effective Areas for Protons 3-16-05A. Shoup
>> Construction of a Portable Detector for Background Measurements Towards the Development of HAWC 4-27-05Dylan Spaulding
>> Can the Diffuse Emission Detected by Milagro Be Given by the Sum of Fluxes of Unresolved Point Sources? 5-11-05Sabrina Casanova and Brenda Dingus
>> Timing Pedestal Shifting and the Crab 6-8-05Curtis Lansdell
>> A Weighting Analysis of Crab Data 6-27-05Andrew Smith
>> Gamma-Hadron Separation Update 8-29-05Aous Abdo & Jim Linnemann
>> Prompt and Delayed Emission from Gamma Ray Bursts 8-30-05Sabrina Casanova
>> Calculation of the Trigger Rate from Geant 4 Monte Carlo Data 10-19-05R. W. Ellsworth
>> A4, Milagro's New Gamma-Hadron Separation Variable and Spectral Index Estimator 11-05-06; Revised 7-28-06Aous Abdo
>> Energy Weighting with High Energy Cutoff 12-25-05Aous Abdo
>> A Very Short summary of The Spectral Index Estimation Analysis 2-1-06Aous Abdo
>> Results from the Geant4 Milagro Monte Carlo simulation 4-15-06Vlasios Vasileiou
>> Weighting for Bins of a Hadron Identification or Energy Variable 4-17-06Jim Linnemann
>> PMT tests at UMD 5-1-06Vlasios Vasileiou
>> Center for Energy Bin for Power Law Spectrum 5-18-06Aous Abdo
>> GRB Scaler Data Analysis using the Milagro Detector 6-14-06Eitan Anzenberg
>> A study on the stability of the Milagro data and its agreement with the MC from epoch to epoch 6-16-06Vlasios Vasileiou
>> Temperature and Pressure Corrections in the Milagro Scaler Rates 7-4-06Eitan Anzenberg
>> Source Extent and Location of the Cygnus Hot Spot 7-24-06Gary Walker
>> Estimation of Cosmic Ray Flux in Milagro 7-27-06Andrew Smith
>> Galactic Plane Flux Profiles 11-15-06Curtis Lansdell
>> A Method to Simulate the Trials Factor 3-14-07Chuan Chen
>> Large Scale Cosmic-Ray Anisotropy Analysis 6-30-07Brian E. Kolterman
>> Contribution of Heavy Elements to the Milagro Background Rate 1-15-08Andrew Smith